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If you’re a newsaholic like we are, you might have seen our friends at Point2 Homes popping up in the news a lot lately!

Point2 Homes is one of the leading home search sites in Canada. We’re thrilled to report that publications are flocking to our consumer portal for authoritative data on real estate around Canada. This is great news for our Point2 Agent members whose listings are featured on the site. More exposure is always good exposure!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most recent articles. Click the titles to read the whole story:

The 10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Toronto

If you’re looking for a mansion in Toronto, this article is for you! The most expensive one comes in at an impressive $28.8 million! Click through to see pics of these fabulous homes.

Most Expensive Homes In Surrey, B.C. Will Cost You An Arm, But Not A Leg

This article in the Huffington Post shows you that in Surrey, you can get a real deal on an estate (at least as compared with, say, Metro Vancouver). A slide show of the top 10 homes reveals some amazing amenities and waterfront views.

Timeslider photos: Ottawa’s cityscape pre- and post-highrises

Have you see the incredible before and after slider images our team creates? They allow you to actually see the impact of construction and real estate changes on cityscapes around the world. This article uses this technology to show you Ottawa in 2007 versus Ottawa in 2012. It’s a fascinating peek at a city in constant transformation.

How much home can you get in Edmonton for $100,000?

This is a fun article that recently ran in the Edmonton Journal! Think you can’t buy a home in a top Canadian city for $100,000? Think again! Take a tour of the 10 cheapest properties in the City of Champions. And there’s even a quote by our own Linda Moola!

Think you can’t afford to buy? A look at the cheapest homes in the Edmonton market

Take another look at affordable homes in Edmonton! Who’s ready to buy?

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