5 Proven Strategies to Take Agents from Dull to Dynamic


5BrokerStrategies_03-06_blogYou’re invited! Join us for this month’s free broker coaching session.

Our March guest is the charismatic Bubba Mills of Corcoran Coaching & Consulting.

What if your middle producing agents could ramp up an additional 3 to 5 sales a year? How would that significantly impact your bottom line by this time next year?

Bubba and Bob recently helped one company deploy a live lead exercise that generated 2,454 interactions resulting in 1,990 listing appointments… and all done in less than 5 hours! If this dynamic duo can help another company generate a possible 1.2 BILLION dollars in outcome in such a short period of time, imagine what Bubba’s insights can do for you in less than 37 minutes!

Bob and Bubba are excited about sharing proven strategies in our broker and agent coaching sessions this month. Coming up next week, Bubba will teach us what smart brokers can do to move low-producing agents up the ranks to top sales agents. It is a joint effort between you and your agent!

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Those low or non-producers are brutal on your profits! Besides desk time, other issues that impact you are office supply costs, poor organization and management supervision. Not to mention that their lack of branding and positioning may be impacting your brand in the marketplace.

Some agents don’t need you, others need you all the time and still others seem missing in action so you may not even be aware of what they are doing daily! Agents have the power to positively or negatively represent your brokerage in your marketplace, so it makes good sense to get closer and often.

Join us on Thursday, March 12th to hear Bubba’s recommendations for your office. We’ll share his recommended top tips, strategies and systems that work to grow those mid-level agents to more sales and take your market position from medium to meteoric!

Bubba JPEGThis session will help you to discover:

  • The simple lead generating activities you can implement to connect your agents to real prospects
  • How this hands-on initiative grows more loyalty and more profits
  • What you need to identify and retain agents with potential and how to help them to grow their business to the next level
  • Why changing an agent’s mindset is just as critical as advancing their skill set

This webinar is now over.

Click HERE to watch the recording!

Later in the month, Bob will share prospecting tips, and the top 5 support items agents want from their brokers. These two will show us the top ways to grow agents so everyone wins!

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