You’re Invited: How to Attract, Grow and Keep Top Agents


ExclusiveEventForBrokers_02-13_blogDid you know that last year low-producing agents completed less than three transactions per year with many more doing ZERO? That’s shocking!

If you want your brokerage to be more profitable by this time next year, it’s imperative to attract, grow and maintain good producers. Not all of your agents can be superstars, but how many more could be contributing even 3-5 more transactions per year with the right kind of support from their managers? Can you imagine the positive impact to your bottom line?

It’s been said if you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you will get the same results, but sadly, in today’s market, that isn’t even accurate! Today’s consumer continues to evolve. For real market share, smart brokers need to understand the power of being “revolutionary” in every aspect of their service model.

You might be surprised that commission splits are not the top issue. Today’s agents have clearly indicated they need more than just a broker who can solve a quick problem. They want a hands-on approach to help them build a real viable real estate business.

Of course, it always starts with attracting top agents or at least agents that have a commitment to personal and professional self-development. But how can you attract them, grow them and then keep them? What are today’s best interview practices? What can you offer that competing offices can’t?

Join us on Thursday, February 19th, for our 36-minute Broker Profitability event at noon CST. We’ll share actionable tips, strategies and systems that work to make brokerages more money by building and maintain better agents. We’ll share how to:

  • Attract top producing agents and grow them to the next level
  • Maintain and inspire top agents
  • Prevent office raids – don’t let anyone steal your top talent
  • Build a rock solid team to protect your company brand in the marketplace

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Don’t miss this great session! Start becoming the top destination in your marketplace where agents know you are their partner in developing them into their best production year ever!

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