You’re Invited: 5 Broker Practices That Can Double Profits


MoreProfit2015_01-16_blogAs another year launches, broker-owners are faced with how to get more sales from their agents. Many offices depend heavily on what has worked in the past. But what if you could pick the brains of highly profitable broker-owners to find out how they have greatly increased their profitability, retention and recruitment in 2014?

Point2 has done the research for you and has a solution designed especially for your management team. We are kicking off the year with “How to Be More Profitable in 2015.” This new series of monthly events starts Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

Every month, in a 36-minute virtual “consulting” session, Point2 will host an interactive online meeting specifically designed to address challenges and solutions for brokers and managers.

These sessions, lead by real estate coach and consultant Terri Murphy, will provide insights, solutions, strategies and systems to empower brokers with cutting edge information to save time and energy. We will use this forum to share brokerage initiatives that are proven to increase sales and profitability.

Future months will also include a second virtual event that will be deployed as a “coaching” solution for brokers. One of the key initiatives our recent research revealed was that real estate offices that provided some element of “coaching” saw measurable results in growing their middle-producing agents, as well as retaining their top producers.

We will offer this second event later in each month as a “coaching” platform, provided by the broker to share with their agents. This program will include specific sales growth themes and initiatives for your team. We will augment the coaching program by making downloadable check lists, scripts, e-books, marketing initiatives and videos available to keep your agents interested in and connected to their coaching program.

You are invited to join us on Wednesday, January 28th for our 2015 Broker Profitability launch:

Not available anymore

This event will:

  • Provide monthly, step-by-step sales growth strategies to increase your bottom line
  • Share proven strategies from 5 highly profitable brokerage company leaders
  • Outline proven marketing plans to ramp up your brand
  • Tell you how to avoid production ups and downs
  • Teach you best broker practices to keep and retain top agents

Why not tap into the strategies, systems and tips that are proven to make more money more easily and get “free” coaching for your agents?! 

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