How to Text Your Email-Only Leads


text your email leadsDo you get Internet leads that give you only their email address and not a phone number?

Following up with email-only leads is important. You can send them a message or put them on a drip email program if you use Point2 Agent. But we all know that a lot of people give junk email addresses when they sign up. And that, even if they don’t, your emails can end up in their spam folder.

So what’s an agent to do?

Today we have a shortcut for iPhone and iPad users that will allow you to text message some of your email-only real estate prospects.

This is a great hack for agents because text messages have an almost 100% open rate. All you need is an iPhone or iPad and a little patience for trial and error.

Here’s how it works:

You can text a lead using their email address if they have an iOS mobile device and the email address they provided is linked to that device. If both conditions are met, you can send them an iMessage, which will appear as a text.

To find out if you can send an iMessage to a prospect or lead, grab your iPhone or iPad, open Messages and start a New Message. Type the email address they gave you in the “To:” field, then hit enter.


If the email address turns blue and the header changes to “New iMessage” (see below) you are good to go! Any message you send will appear as a text on their iPhone or iPad.


If the email address turns green or red and the header reads “New MMS” (see below), it won’t work. This means the recipient either doesn’t have an iOS mobile device or, if they do, the email they provided is not connected to it. In this instance, emailing is your only option.


Pretty neat, huh? Now you just have to brush up on your do’s and don’ts of texting for real estate agents.

Let us know if you try using this tech tip to connect with your email leads!

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