Gift Guide: What to Get Real Estate Agents


Last year around this time, we published the Savvy Agent’s Guide to Holiday & Closing Gifts. While we still stand by that post 100%, we have noticed one glaring error: it was all about what agents should be giving other peopleGiftGuide_12-10_blog

But what about our agent friends?

Surely the people who work tirelessly to make transactions happen, who drive us around, show our houses and make sure our paperwork is in order deserve a gift or two this season. If you’re wondering what to give the real estate agents in your life – whether they helped you buy or sell your home or they’re a dear pal or even a relative – this list is for you.

Without further ado, check out our top 6 gifts for real estate agents:

For MacGyver Types

gift guide tool pen

The tool pen is the ultimate gift  for do-it-all agents. So much more than a pen, it’s also a ruler, level, and Phillips or flathead screwdriver. It’s the perfect pocket companion for showing and staging listings, and it costs less than $30!

For the Smartphone Addict

gift guide solar charger

So many agents conduct business from their smartphones these days, that they all have one paralyzing fear in common: running out of battery life! Help your agents juice up on the go with this convenient solar charger. This one is shock-proof, rain resistant, works with most iOS and Android devices, and has a nice compact size (and price).

For the Always On-the-Go Agent

gift guide fitbit

How about a Fitbit? Your agent probably gets more activity than he/she thinks visiting listings, conducting home tours and coordinating events, but there are also times they get stuck behind their desks. This Fitbit will help track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and stairs climbed. Come nightfall, it measures sleep quality, helps the wearer learn how to sleep better and can even wake them in the morning. All for under $100!

For Touchscreen Lovers

gift guide gloves

You know the worst thing about cold weather temperatures? It’s that you can’t operate all of your touchscreen devices with your gloves on! Or at least that used to be the case, until touchscreen-friendly gloves came along. These gloves will either have a pad of conductive material on the thumb and index fingertip (allowing your agent to work and stay warm at the same time) or feature a finger flap that flips open for easy use. We found a great selection for both women and men here, from basic to cashmere.

For Any Agent

gift guide cards

Agents, they’re just like us! They get hungry and they even get hangry (hungry + angry), but their busy schedules don’t always allow time to cook a homemade meal. Gift cards to restaurants and local coffee shops can be a lifesaver, particularly during the bustle of the holidays. Best of all, you can buy them almost anywhere!

And Our #1 Gift Suggestion…

REFERRALS! Sure, they’re hard to wrap and top with a bow, but the recipients won’t mind – we promise. You can always send a note mentioning whom you referred and pair it with a nice bottle of wine or jar of local preserves, if you really, really want to.

What are you getting the real estate agents on your list this season?

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