Free Photo Resources for Real Estate Agents


Q: What’s one thing that real estate websites, social media platforms, blog posts and articles have in common?

free photo resourcesA: They all get more engagement from potential leads when you use great images.

But do you have a staff photographer on hand? Neither do we.

While you may work with a photography expert to shoot your listing photos, chances are that you don’t have the extra marketing dollars to spend on images for your website, brochures and more. But downloading photos that are copyright protected and using them for a commercial enterprise is illegal and can result in fines. And purchasing stock images for every little thing can add up quickly.

What’s an agent to do?

Relax, we’re here to help. For today’s blog post, we’ve rounded up some wonderful sites where resourceful real estate agents can find photos to use on their websites, Facebook pages and everything else, all for free.

Here are four places you can find free photos for all of your real estate marketing needs:

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr is a photo management and sharing tool that allows you to search for and download images shared under a Creative Commons license. You can copy, distribute and display these works as long as you give proper attribution, meaning photo credit. You can do this by either including the photographer’s name or linking back to the original image.

freeimages touts itself as the leading source for free stock photos. Register for free to gain access to over 400,000 photos that you can use however you want. Just be sure to credit the photographer.


This is another free image website that requires you to register, but it won’t cost you a penny. Search oodles of high quality stock photos, as well as illustrations, wallpapers and backgrounds.


If you prefer an artistic look, the images on Unsplash might be more to your taste. Although this free site doesn’t have quite the range of photos that the above websites do, the image quality is impeccable. They share 10 new, high resolution photos every 10 days that you can use however you please, no registration required.

We hope this list helps you the next time you are looking for that perfect picture of fall leaves or a happy couple moving into a new house.

Can you think of any free image sources we’ve missed? We’d love to add to this list!


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