Responding to Client Emails: 3 Tips and Tricks


ClientEmails_blogpostEmail: we all have it, and most of us could use a little help when it comes to controlling our inboxes.

After all, the catch about email is that it works around the clock, even when we don’t. The good news is that clients and contacts have a place to send messages 24/7. The bad news is that keeping up with all those emails can feel like an epic undertaking. (Sometimes we just wish our email would take a few days off.)

In an effort to help make your workday easier, here are our top 3 tips and tricks for responding to client emails.

1. Create a cheat sheet for faster responses.

One of the biggest complaints the industry hears from real estate consumers is that they just aren’t getting the responsiveness they want from the agents they are reaching out to. While we think this perception can be skewed by a number of factors, it doesn’t hurt to try to be the agent that does respond in a timely fashion.

To that end, we recommend developing a handful of standard replies or one-liners you can easily copy and paste from when you’re in a hurry. You’ll find it extra helpful when you’re at a loss for words, and it really cuts down on your proofreading. Many agents get the same type of emails over and over again – inquiries, charity and event invitations, referral requests, etc. Think about the top 10 or so emails that you seem to write over and over again and create a Word doc with prepared responses that you can edit slightly or use as is. You can often pull examples from your sent folder.

2. Make sure your email signature is optimized.

Signing your name and including your phone number is a good start, but it barely scratches the surface of all the marketing opportunities made available by modern email signature lines. You can now include links to your social media channels, your logo, a link to your blog or company website and so much more.

This helps your email recipients easily find the information they need the next time they want to contact you or look something up. So spending just a half-hour updating your email signature can save you a lot of time in the long run… and help you cement connections with prospects and clients on other platforms. Here are some easy email signature tips for Gmail and Outlook.

3. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

If you’ve traded multiple emails and the chain is getting as long as your arm, your client or colleague might be better served by a phone call. Some discussions can get cleared up more quickly through a short conversation, particularly if you are going back and forth about scheduling or a project at hand. This tip can apply to text message “conversations,” too.

If you are going back and forth about the same thing for what seems like ever, or if you aren’t positive that the other party understands what you mean, it’s time to place a call.

We hope our tips and tricks save you a little time and a lot of brainpower, so you can spend more time focusing on other tasks related to buying and selling real estate.

If you want a little more help managing your inbox inflow, check out our post: Inbox Tips and Tools for Real Estate Agents

What’s your #1 rule when responding to client emails?

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