Marketing to Military Families


While many military families opt to rent, others enjoy homeownership and all of its perks. In addition to clients’ specific request, there are many features that are convenient to the military lifestyle in general; knowing in advance what these families want in a property can help you save time and enjoy quick sales. post

Airport Access No service member wants to step off of the plane after a long tour just to sit in a vehicle for hours trying to make it from the airport to the house. Neighborhoods with easy access to airports and their surrounding thoroughfares minimize commute times for service members and their families.

Nearby Public Transportation Many military families forgo owning a private vehicle, especially if they’re often stationed internationally. (Shipping a vehicle—or trying to sell at the last minute—isn’t worth it.) For those reasons, easy access to public transportation or ride share programs are vital to military families.

Proximity to Night Life and Family Entertainment Service members range from singles to established families–and all of them want something fun to do with their downtime! Identifying parts of town that provide ample and interactive opportunities for socializing will win points with your buyers.

Ample Storage While some families embrace minimalism to avoid lugging belongings around the country, others like the idea of loading up on quality items in order to avoid frequent shopping trips. Learn which approach appeals to your buyers. The latter will need ample onsite storage while the former will accept limited space in exchange for other amenities.

Privacy While on duty, service members have very little privacy. They want the return home to feel like a personal oasis. Private lots are also beneficial for families with children and pets, who desire the security of an enclosed play space. Fenced-in backyards and houses with wooded lots may add the privacy that such families seek.

Strong Wireless and Internet Reception Today’s military families cannot thrive in a communications dead space. If they can’t communicate with family and friends abroad, the family will quickly feel dissatisfied with the property and frustrated with the location. When sorting through potential homes, have buyers bring along their wireless devices for a test run. It may also help to research available internet providers and explore the services available in the area.

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, an online content developer and contributing editor for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog.


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