Point2 Agent Executive Reports: New and Improved!


Hey Point2 Agent Professional and Elite members! Have you noticed something a little different about the Executive Reports that we send you every week? Executive Report

We recently upgraded our Executive Reports to include a number of new additions and improvements to help you improve your online marketing presence and increase your traffic and leads. Here is what has been added:

Prospect Summary: This new section shows you how many total prospects your account has generated in the last week, month and year.

Tips and Advice: This addition will show a rotating selection of the best tips and tricks to enhance your Point2 Agent account and generate more traffic and more leads.

Featured Listing Ads: This section shows your currently running Featured Listing advertisements, the neighbourhoods they are running in and how many additional views and clicks they have generated to date.

Featured Agent Ads: Just like the Featured Listing ads, this section will how you where your advertisements are running and how many views and clicks they have generated for you.

Listing Summary:  This section has been added to show three different metrics for the listings you have entered into your account – a summary of your active listings, a breakdown of how much traffic your listings have received and how many times prospects have:
– Emailed your listings

– Viewed your virtual tours
– Requested listing attachments

Email Campaign Summary: This addition will show you an overview of any email campaigns (sometimes referred to as Drip Email campaigns) you currently have running. This includes information such as how many emails have been sent out in the past week, the open rate for these emails and the ultimate click-through rate. If you do not have any emails campaigns currently running this section will provide you will a link to setup them up in your online office.

Latest Point2 Agent blog post: Just like the name suggests, this section will display the latest marketing tips and articles from the Point2 Agent blog – the one you are reading right now!

To learn more about the other reporting and analytic features of your Point2 Agent website, visit this blog post.

What do you like best about your weekly Executive Report?

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