5 Fun Agent Pop-By Ideas


pop bys blogWhat’s the one thing that everyone loves? Free stuff! As an agent, having a supply of fun “pop-by” gifts and other inexpensive (but memorable) swag is a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

Customized gifts or fun freebies with your business card attached can help you break the ice with new clients, maintain your relationships with past clients and stay top of mind with referral sources. You can target who you give them to or hand them out at open houses and community events.

But before you order that next batch of magnets, pens or calendars (yes, we’re well aware that 2015 is rapidly approaching), take a look at these 5 fun REALTOR® pop-by ideas we found on Pinterest.

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1. Memorable Mugs

pop by 1

How about a custom mug? Create something funny like this or add your real estate slogan and logo. You can tuck coffee, tea or a gift card inside. Here’s an inexpensive place to create your own custom mugs.

2. Power Tools

pop by 2

Keep an eye out for tools on sale at the local hardware store or market. Attach your business card with a note that reads, “I have all the tools you need for today’s real estate market.”

3. The Inside Scoop

pop by 3

“Want the scoop on what the market is really like?” This ice cream scoop is the perfect gift for a community event or summer farming.

4. Sugar Highs

pop by 4

How about a sweet treat? Order branded Hershey bars or small customized bags of Jelly Bellies!

5. Lego Agent


This one is more of a fantasy than a reality. You can’t order your own personalized Lego figure yet (unless you’re a Lego executive), but we have our fingers crossed that this will be a possibility in the near future.

There sure are some innovative and memorable pop-by gift ideas here… perfect for innovative and memorable agents just like you, right? That said, if you are already well known for a particularly beloved piece of swag (hello, Point2 highlighter!) don’t stop ordering it. Just think of these as something to add to the mix.

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