Top Negotiating Tips You Need to Win!


What do you say to control negotiations for a listing commission or counteroffer? How do you manage haggling between buyers and sellers for personal property? If you are like most of us, you have a true distaste for confrontational negotation. But what if there were some top tips and strategies to help you negotiate your way to more sales, more easily?

Our Success Series expert, Don Hutson, shared with us the 5 biggest mistakes most agents make when negotiating. As the New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 author of the best selling book, The One Minute Negotiator, Don tackled the most common faux pas agents make when negotiating.

If you have heard statements like “your commission is too high,” or “we don’t want a yard sign,” you need to know what to say and why. It’s not about repeating some canned scripts, but more about activating a mindset that steers all negotiations from competitive to collaborative outcomes. When you have a collaborative rather than a competitive scenario, you are almost guaranteed to have happy, repeat clients.Negotiate

Our Power Coaching series on October 23rd is loaded with negotiation hot tips. Host Terri Murphy negotiated her way to over 100 listings and sales annually. She’ll help you address common objections and issues by incorporating a few tips to ensure the sales process will go from good to closed!

For example, you may hear that your commission is too high. This is a common objection that all agents should learn to overcome. Terri will show us how to build in “value stacking,” so the subject becomes irrelevant and you don’t cut price, work for less or lose your profit margin.

When the seller says “we won’t sell unless we get our price,” you may feel stuck. But this is easily voided at the listing table. Terri quotes super star Sam Miller’s strategy of using the power of the pricing range to head off this often heard issue so you can get more properties priced right to sell fast.

Another frequent negotiation point centers around the advertising dollars allocated to marketing the property. Terri shares how to nip this sticky issue before the marketing process begins!

To learn all of her top negotiation tips, join Terri and Point2 for our interactive webinar on October 23th. Get the scoop on the top strategies to negotiate your way to more sales!

Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014
Time: 10 Pacific, 11 Mountain, 12 Central, 1 Eastern

The webinar is now over. View the recording!


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