Halloween Marketing: Seasonal Decorating Ideas


Seasonal decorating has it benefits. When done tastefully, autumn décor can add charm and comfort to a property. When done poorly, the decorations can be a distraction. These autumn decorating tips can help you market your properties and office for the perfect blend of professionalism and coziness. Halloween blog

Think autumn, not Halloween

If you want to stay on the safe side, decorate properties for the season rather than the holiday. This approach is beneficial because you can keep up the décor past October 31 without being tacky. Also, there are fewer chances of offending buyers or scaring off their children if you simply have a few pumpkins and bales of hay. 

If you date, plan to update

Seasonal décor dates a listing, a visual reminder of how long it has been on the market. This December, if house seekers find a listing with Halloween decorations in the photos, they instantly know that the house has been listed for a while. They will wonder what’s wrong with it. If you take photos with seasonal décor in them, be sure to update the decorations and photos as the seasons change.

Good trends (pumpkin everything)

Since baking pies and cookies isn’t always feasible, scented plugins will do the trick. Use outlets that are out of sight and out of mind so that only the aroma of pumpkin pie or spiced apples is noticed. You may also consider scented candles, which add pops of color to a home and offer an appealing, light scent even when they are not lit.

Bad trends (Pinterest wisely)

Stick to basic, sophisticated seasonal décor and save the eye-popping options for times when your home is not for sale. Trendier options, like untraditional color schemes, may distract buyers. Buyers should remember “the stunning brownstone with the rooftop garden,” not “that house with the purple, glittery skulls everywhere.”

Everyone has a sweet tooth!

Halloween is irrevocably connected to candy in the US and Canada, so take advantage of the abundance and use it as a marketing tool. M&Ms will customize bags of candy with your name or logo. You could also attach your business card to any candy with a wrapper. For the broadest appeal, offer a mixture of fruity, salty and chocolaty treats since peanut butter and chocolate are top allergens.

Practical décor

If fall graces your region with rain and snow, be sure to provide umbrella holders and ample floor mats to keep properties tidy. You may also consider keeping a few umbrellas in your car for clients. On rainy days, take the time to go through the property and open all of the blinds and turn on the lights. Two light sources per room may keep interiors from seeming dark and gloomy.

Office merriment

Don’t forget your office! Create a space that encourages ease and refuge from chilly autumn weather. You may consider seasonal coffee blends, festive baked goods and soothing tunes for your office. Note: if you decide to offer baked goods, make a little card with the ingredients so that guests can avoid common allergy triggers.

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween at your office and listings?

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, an online content developer and contributing editor for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog.


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