Are You Making Negotiation Mistakes? [Webinar Recording]


Are you hesitant to negotiate for what you (or your clients) want? Does the thought of sitting down at the bargaining table make you sweat?post

You are not alone. Tens of thousands of people suffer from negotiaphobia – the fear of negotiation. The problem is that, as a real estate agent, negotiating is a critical part of your job. Negotiating on behalf of your clients is one of the things that you get paid to do!

Our real estate negotiation webinar with expert and best-selling author Don Hutson was packed with tips designed to help you overcome your negotiaphobia. Watch the recording now:

Don’s five biggest negotiating mistakes are below. How many of these sound familiar to you?

  1. Lack of preparation
  2. Lack of skilled questioning
  3. Poor active listening skills
  4. Pre-occupation with price
  5. Overlooking multiple options

This webinar gives you the tools you need to negotiate like a pro. Learn the four negotiation modes, the 3 words you should avoid and an easy 1-minute treatment for negotiaphobia.

And don’t forget Terri’s advice to practice, practice, practice wherever and whenever – especially when it won’t really make or break you. For example: the next time you are at the dry cleaner and they say you can pick up your clothes on Tuesday, try negotiating to pick them up Monday afternoon. It’s a fun exercise, and who doesn’t like faster service?


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