7 Ways to Reconnect with Past Clients


Want to reconnect with some of your old real estate clients but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Staying connected to past customers can lead to repeat transactions and increased referrals, but first you have to bridge the gap. 7 Ways to Reconnect

Here are seven ideas to help you get back in touch:

1. Get social

Spend an afternoon looking for past clients on whichever social channels you use the most. Twitter is a great place to connect because the fast-paced environment and strict character limit can make for more frequent, casual interaction. Also, if you find out that one of your previous customers has a blog, you can take the time to read that, too, and comment as appropriate.

2. Give a ring

Some people are most comfortable on the phone. If you had good phone rapport when you were working together, leverage that to reconnect. You can say something like, “Hi Sue, I was just driving through your neighborhood and thought of you. How’s it going? Still loving your house?”

3. Share some news

Did you change your address, phone number or business name? Or maybe you added a new service or associate? Anytime you have news is a great time to send an email, mailer or personal note to old contacts to spread the word.

4. Send a (potential) fortune

How about sending mail that everyone will have a little fun with? Pick 10 contacts a month that you want to touch base with and buy 10 scratcher tickets. Mail a card to each with the scratcher tucked inside and a note wishing them good fortune.

“Dear Sal, Just wanted to send a little fun your way. If you win big, you know who to contact to help you find just the right mansion. 🙂 You can finish with “Let’s grab lunch soon!” if you’re hoping for a little face time.

5. Celebrate an anniversary

Another natural time to reach out to former clients is on the anniversary of their closing. Switch it up a little every year, so you’re not just repeating the same boring greeting. The first year can be a congratulations message, the second year you could include home maintenance tips, the third year an estimate of how much their home value may have increased and so on and so forth.

6. Engage in coffee talk

Everyone likes a coffee (or tea) break from time to time. Call 5 past customers a week and invite them to meet you for coffee, your treat. Don’t push an agenda, just say you would love to catch up and see how it’s going in their neighborhood… agent research if you will.

7. Host a party

This one requires a little more planning, but it lets you catch up with a lot of contacts all at once. Plan an annual client appreciation party, either at your office, a community park or a local venue. Invite all of your current and past clients that you’d like to work with again and invite them to bring their friends. Provide snacks and drinks and let the conversation flow. A BBQ or theme party can be especially fun.

Don’t get discouraged too soon. Try a few of these methods and see what works for your market. Remember that it takes more time and money to acquire a new client than it does to keep an old one!

How do you like to get in touch with someone you haven’t talked to in a year? In five years?

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