Client Retention Tips from Bubba Mills


How do you get your clients to say “I do”? We’ve been told to offer more services, provide higher value and incorporate a significant measure of “differentiation,” but what is the single factor that makes them say yes?

The world of real estate may be perceived by some as a “sales” career, but in fact it is a relationship-based business. But how deep does the relationship that you are building with your clients actually go? It comes down to the way we are positioned as a resource in the marketplace.

Bubba Mills, master expert on customer retention, specializes in creating clients for life.  In our upcoming Success Series webinar, Bubba shares the simple steps you need maintain relationships after the sale and build easy referrals with proven strategies.

Bubba Mills - sizedBubba says that how we relate to prospects is directly proportional to how we create a “brand.” As an example, are we identified as an expert in a certain market vertical, like luxury homes, or as a resource specifically for first time buyers? There is real value connected with being an expert. Being a “generalist” may allow us to survive, but branding your services as an expert has historically proven to help you consistently thrive in any marketplace.

Once we have created a brand, how are we perceived through reputation? As we enter a time where good or bad commentary can happen in the flash of a second at no cost (hello Twitter!), a highly-regarded reputation is critical.

Bubba also points out that another key to building clients for life revolves around how we create value. Unlike resorting to premium giveaways, real value comes from what the customer percieves as valuable to them and their needs.

When you combine solid relationships, an exceptional reputation and a value proposition that is so differentiated a common competitor can’t touch you, you are on your way to creating  a legacy with your clients that will make referrals happen.

Bubba says, “Closing on time, getting a lower purchase price or higher sales price is good; but communication, value propositions and a little extra attention makes you GREAT!”

In our upcoming webinar, Bubba will share with us everything about creating brand values that will get your client to say “I Do”.

Join us and get the scoop on:

1. What we need to learn to engage with our clients so they will never forget us.

2. How to position yourself to stay on your clients preferred list!

3. Critical keys to keep the those referrals coming and your prospect funnel full.

4. Discover those simple extra steps that will take you above and beyond in your community!

The webinar is now over. View the recording here!

This is one session you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars now. Bubba is a barrel of fun,  funny and will engage us on the best strategies to create great relationships that make each closed customer a real client for life!

Date: Thursday, September 11, 2014
Time: 10 Pacific, 11 Mountain, 12 Central, 1 Eastern

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