The ABC’s of Leads: How to Grade Your Leads


What if you were handed the treasure map to making more money with a guaranteed system to convert incoming calls from leads into real cash?

Verl Workman did just that for us during our recent Success Series webinar on how to become a LEAD MASTER!

Did you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to follwing up with lead calls? Verl walked us through the importance of  “grading” your leads so that you can plug them into a monthly process with the appropriate follow up to incubate and convert those  leads to sales.

ABCQuestion: How do I categorize and prioritize my leads?

Verl recommended that we start simply with the ABC’s of prioritization:

  • A Leads are HOT and you have a scheduled appointment because they are ready to buy or sell.
  • B Leads may be ready to buy or sell within 90 days.
  • C Leads are your least warm leads, but great for incubation and may not be ready to buy or sell 90+ days out.

Whatever system you have in place to capture leads, this is the process you need to begin your communication/connection campaign.

Question: How often should I call my lead funnel?

Verl says here is your drill:

  • A Leads – When you have an A lead, you already have an appointment, so the process is in place.
  • B Leads – For this group you ASK if you can continue to keep them informed twice a month. Set your communication specifically for contact on the week of the first and the 15th of each month until they buy or “tell you to die”!
  • C Leads – The best way to stay connected is with a monthly contact that is regularly scheduled for the week of the 8th of every month.
  • Your Sphere of Influence – Call them during the week of the 22nd.

Question:  What method should I use to contact my “B” leads during the 60-90 days before they may be ready to buy or sell?

Verl offered a wonderful script for us to use via telephone: “Hi Mr. Buyer/Seller:  I’m just checking in to be sure you are getting the information I’ve been sending.” This works to keep your name at the top of their minds, and also provides the chance to find out about any changes that have occurred in their housing needs between check-in’s.

Question:  Many times the lead doesn’t give their phone number. What then?

Verl says that we have to build a bridge of trust for those leads that are worth pursuing. We can do that by adding a “sequential action” to their lead registration online by offering a free downloadable resource that requires their phone number as a field.

This can be done by offering a series of short reports that position you as a resource and that perform an action step to secure contact information. Reports can be compiled from NAR, your broker, or written by you about some facet of real estate. Simple reports like “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Most Seller’s Make When Listing Their Home,” will get a lot of interest on your site and are ideal for sharing on social media.

Question: How can I be sure to get all the information I need to best prioritize the lead into my follow up system?

Verl came up with an unbeatable script with an easy-to-remember acronym: LPMama

Tune in and listen to Verl share how to use this acronym to best serve your leads.

Verl offered a boatload of great tips for teams, brokers and individual sales agents to harness the power of lead management to make more sales! Do check out the full 36 minute session and learn what you can do to double, and even triple, your income by this time next year.

Do you categorize your leads for more efficient follow through? If so, do you use this system or another one?

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