5 Feng Shui Home Staging Tips


5 Feng Shui_smAre you trying to sell a house that is priced right and in a great neighborhood but just isn’t getting any offers? Maybe its chi is off, and you should try a little Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the practice of rearranging chi, or energy flow, in a space to promote well-being and happiness. Feng Shui can add marketability, solve design challenges and add emotional appeal that will resonate with more viewers, in photographs and in person.

Try these 5 Feng Shui home staging tips to make a better first impression on potential buyers. These small, inexpensive changes can make a big difference.

1. Place your “For Sale” sign to the right side of the front of your house.

The right front side of your house is considered the buyer’s side of the house in Feng Shui. It represents family well-being and savings. It is also where people’s eyes naturally fall during a first look. To stimulate your home’s energy, consider adding a wind chime, wind sock or flag on this side of your house as well, preferably under the right eave.

2. Add a new doormat and two plants in matching planters to either side of your front door.

Create a welcoming entrance and start prospective buyers off on the right foot (literally) with a new front door mat. Make sure the mat is as wide as your front door; a smaller size gives a “constricted” feeling. If you have room, add plants with rounded leaves in matching pots on either side of the front door. Sharp leaves can leave an aggressive impression on buyers.

3. Angle comfortable seating toward entrances.

Invite positive energy (and more visitors) into the home for sale by providing a clean path and comfortable seating at entrances. If the back of large or imposing furniture faces a door, it drives energy out rather than calling it in.

4. Display fresh fruit on your kitchen counter or table.

Pile oranges, apples or the like in a bowl on a prominent table or counter. Abundant fruit is a symbol of prosperity and generosity. Don’t you want buyers to feel a sense of success and kindness when they visit?

5. Keep toilet lids down and shower curtains closed.

Toilets and drains suck the energy from a room – and have we mentioned how bad they look in listing photos? Keep the energy up and positive during viewings and photo shoots by making sure you lower lids, close doors and pull shower curtains shut.

Have you ever applied Feng Shui principles to a property you were selling? Did it help you find a buyer?


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