Ready to Harness the Power of Lead Mastery?


What if you never needed to worry about another lead….ever?!

Ask a “freakin’ sales animal, top producing, get it done kinda guy” like Verl Workman, and you WILL get real lead mastery strategies!

Verl Workman is the type of person that everyone loves to meet. He is fun, funny, authentic, engaging and yes, a GREAT sales person. Verl really understands the entire sales process and helps hundreds of agents daily through his comprehensive step-by-step coaching program. Verl Workman

With a long history as a top producer, Verl is one of us, as he maintains an active real estate practice, and he is excited to be our Success Series expert for August. He shares why we should stop “collecting” leads and reveals how to turn them into real cash with proven strategies for more sales.

Verl’s experience coaching agents for top profitability has resulted in a real, no-bull approach to what is going on in this tech crazy world. So if you are done with the fluff and ready for real actionable steps, Verl has the answers!

Verl says agents don’t really need leads, but rather a system to attract, engage, incubate and convert those leads into closed sales using seamless systems. The magic happens when you grow the lead from a suspect into a paying customer, long after other agents have abandoned the service opportunity.

For real lead mastery Verl recommends:

  • Get the tools that help attract the lead and keep them connected throughout their commitment process to buying or selling. All too often, agents forget the long-term leads in favor of the “ready to buy now” customers, but in order to keep your pipeline filled with prospective buyers and sellers, you need an easy way to capture the lead. The next step is to get that prospect into a consistent system of service and information to stay “connected” until that prospect is ready to make their buying or selling move. Smart agents get a website that automates the work for them. Check out Point2Agent and see how the backend dashboard keeps you up to date with all prospects through instant campaigns, tracking visitor activity, virtual tours, all built on a mobile-friendly platform. If you aren’t mobile in today’s competitive market, you are closed for business!
  • Do you give your expertise away? Verl feels strongly that agents could get more leads, but most fail to include a call to action to bring the casual prospect into a “conversation” that breeds more engagement. When a lead comes to your website, Verl recommends that there be a free downloadable report, or a quick video, and all you need to get it is an email address. Once the email address is in the system, you are on your way to bridging the gap from prospect to sold client.
  • Want more leads? A key action is to become a specialist with services that are targeted to a specific market segment. One top agent in Winnipeg is clearly not fluent in the language, but has a tab on his website written in Chinese. He knows his marketplace and although he himself doesn’t speak the language, has a partner who does. Together they are the top picks to serve that special market segment.
  • Buyers and sellers only want what they want, when they want it. Be ready 24/7 with a full arsenal of information, reports and updates that keep the prospect coming back for periodic visits. Make it easy to get those reports and local market updates from your online channels and ultimately your website. Get a website that integrates your social media channels into your site for engaging prospect activity. Verl says you have to earn the right to serve the client first. Then you can get to the next step in the buying and selling process.

But wait! There is more! Take a minute to mark your calendars now for our August session with super coach Verl Workman. He’s ready to help make you the rock star of your marketplace with lead mastery!

Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014
Time: 10 Pacific / 11 Mountain / 12 Central / 1 Eastern / 2 Atlantic

The webinar is now over. View the recording here.


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