Lead Mastery: 7 Steps to Rock Lead Conversion!


Ask a real estate agent what they need every day, and their answer is most likely “I NEED MORE LEADS!”

But what if what you really need is a better method of attracting leads with a plan to incubate, nurture and turn them into real sales?

Our Success Series Expert, Verl Workman, says we need to stop “collecting” leads and instead turn leads into cash with real strategies that convert prospects to profits easily.

Here are seven tips to get you started:

  1. The real key is to start with setting up the right channels that position you as the resource, expert and authority to make prospects want to work with you. Do you use a website that offers a lead capture and engagement feature? It is a critical component to your lead capture strategy to have a full service website that does the capturing part for you. Check out Point2 Agent for the perfect integration of lead generation, lead exposure and lead management to make this job seamless and easy. You will lose the prospect if they “stop by your site” without offering additional services to retain and grow the lead.Graph
  2. Are you offering information and data that creates distinction in your marketplace? One of the top ways to set yourself apart in your marketplace is by specializing in a given area, like becoming a certified military or senior specialist or focusing on first-time buyers. When you specialize in a given segment, you are more likely to appeal to a prospect that spots that specialization in your marketing and online footprint. By targeting the right people, you will maximize the potential to attract and then engage the right prospects. Trust in your specialization can that ultimately result in a sale.
  3. To ensure a successful conversion rate after the initial attraction of a lead, your next step is to deploy a consistent nurturing campaign. Your process should include automated emails from your website, messaging and events through your online social media channels, direct mail, video blogs and/or other marketing campaigns. The real key here is consistency. Bob Corcoran, super coach, states that it may take from eight to 12 touches before converting a prospect to a sale. Don’t stop short until that prospect is sold!
  4. Track your lead conversion. Although leads are a great resource, following up on weak leads will drain you of time, energy and resources. Using tools to track the best sources for leads should be an integral part of your online prospecting. The most widely used free tool is most likely Google Analytics. However, for more accurate and automatic data, you will need a good client relationship management system, or CRM to really get solid insight on where to put your time, attention and money. Gary David Hall shared the low-down on the best CRM tools that best fit your needs. It makes good sense to only follow up on warm or hot leads and to continue to incubate less urgent leads with an outbound touch program that keeps the prospect connected to you until they opt to contact you for more services.
  5. What is your retention and re-engagement strategy? The statistics on agents that even contact a lead are unimpressive. Getting “likes” may make you feel good, but it doesn’t fill your bank account! Most agents use Facebook as a means to get “recognition” but name brand doesn’t directly pay your bills. Consider using your Facebook business page to leverage events, boost posts and offer downloadable information that has relevance and importance to your target market. As an example, one agent launched a Facebook business page for her farm area, and uses the page to promote community events, issues that have direct impact or interest to the area.
  6. Don’t give away your expertise without one key action. When you really think about it, all you really have to sell is your expertise, in ways that only you can provide. When you offer reports or information of any kind, the only “cost” to the viewer is that they provide their contact information to get what you are offering. This requires a “call-to-action” at every option and on every channel to capture the prospect’s contact information in order to continue the engagement process. You can capture their contact information when you offer specific reports like local home values, a market report, monthly or quarterly neighborhood active, pending and sold reports for a highly specific area or demographic. The key is to disseminate this information in exchange for an email address. If you aren’t building your database and prospect list, you are leveraging your expertise and ultimately your income for free. In order to get to from attraction to conversion, provide resource options for the prospect to choose from to keep the connection alive.
  7. Use the power of implied endorsement. Nothing speaks louder than real people sharing good experiences. Take advantage of the power of leveraging good recommendations both online and off. Give and get testimonials on LinkedIn, your website or via video. Michael Krisa shared several ways to use video testimonials in your marketing matrix.

It’s time to make every lead pay off. Use these tips and be legendary in lead mastery!

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