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TopStories TitleHave you visited the news page at Point2 Homes yet? Point2 Homes is one of the leading consumer real estate search portals in Canada so you are probably already familiar with their listings – but the news our team creates from those listings is just as exciting!

Below we’ve provided summaries of three of the top stories on Point2 Homes. To read the full version of any article, just click on the title or the photo we’ve included.

Canada’s Housing Market Ranks #3 in the World


A recent study revealed that Canada has the third most expensive housing market in the world, in terms of price versus income. Can you guess which market ranks #1? New Zealand! And Belgium came in second. Additional findings reveal that Vancouver tops the list of most expensive cities in North America, with the average home price sitting pretty at around $50,000 more than San Francisco.

10 Amazing Homes for Sale Close to the North Pole


Think it would be awesome to live close to Santa’s workshop? We did too, at least until we looked at the weather anyway. But if cold is your cup of tea, this collection of mansions is just right for you. This amazing $13 million dollar homestead in Bergen, Norway, has four “grand reception rooms,” a library and a private dock. Who cares if the average high temperature in summer is only 63 degrees Fahrenheit?

10 Second Homes for Sale Outside the US for Around $50,000


We sure love our top 10’s here at Point2! Check out these 10 homes you can buy for about the same price as a brand new sports car. There are properties in Spain, Ireland, Thailand and more. Our favorite is this 2 bedroom, 1,350 square foot home with an asking price of $38,200 in the Philippines.

Looking for more? Head on over to the news page to check out what’s happening in real estate this week!

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