5 Unusual Real Estate Marketing Examples


Here at Point2, we’re all about marketing. From postcards to tweets to skywriting, if it delivers a message to an audience, we want to know about it… especially if it is real estate related.

Of course, this means that we sometimes come across real estate marketing that is, well, a little different from the rest. The good news is that it always stands out. The bad news is that standing out for being unusual may not always be good.

What exactly do we mean? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so today we’ll let you see for yourself. Five examples of unusual real estate marketing are waiting below. Decide for yourself whether they’re effective or not!

1. Meet the world’s worst agent.

This hilarious real estate video of a bumbling agent was created by the Harris Group. With over 76,000 views on YouTube, it certainly has gotten a lot of attention.

2. Billboards: Is bigger always better?

funny billboard 1

funnny billboard 2

Both of these signs advertise real estate services in a different way. Which agent would you choose to help you with your next real estate transaction?

3. The print ad that thinks it’s a web ad.

Print Ad Fail

“Click here to find out how!” We came across this ad that blends digital and print strategies – maybe not so successfully – on Twitter. We’re polite, but you can click through to see the unblurred version if you really want to.

4. Tattoo marketing – apparently it’s a thing now.

re tattoo

Some brokerages encourage their agents to get tattoos that advertise their business. And other agents use their tattoos to attract clients. Read our article about real estate tattoos.

5. Cards Against Real Estate… not for the faint of heart.

Cards Against Real Estate

Have you played Cards Against Humanity? It’s a very adult version of Apples to Apples. And now there’s a very adult, very real estate version by listings portal BuzzBuzzHome specifically tailored to the Toronto real estate market. Click the pic above to learn more and see silly combos.

Marketing that actually works

We can probably all agree that #3 would have performed much better on the web, where today’s buyers and sellers are searching (and clicking) anyway. The good news for Point2 Agent users is that we have just increased the number of free web ads on Point2 Homes that comes with your Point2 Agent Professional or Elite membership – and that’s marketing that actually works!

Point2 Agent Professional members now get 3 Featured Listings Ads every month. Elite members get 20 Featured Listings Ads every month. Our analytics reveal that agents who take advantage of their Featured Ads on Point2 Homes get up to 3 times more leads than agents who don’t.

If you’re not using Point2 Agent but would like to give our marketing tools a try, click here to start your 30-day trial. No credit card is required… and neither is a computer science degree! Our friendly Customer Care team is here to help you as much or as little as you need, for absolutely free.

Have you seen some unusual or funny real estate marketing lately? Share a link below and don’t forget to check out our Real Estate Humor board on Pinterest.

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