Top 10 Ways to Use Video for Real Estate [Recording]


video for real estate 1By now you know that you should be using video to promote your real estate services. You probably even know that neither special equipment nor a supersized budget is required. All you need is your smartphone and some elbow grease.

But of course the real question is how to get started? Video is the key to getting prospects to know, like and trust you (and decide they want to work with you) before they even meet you, so we brought in some experts to help you get it right.

Watch the recording of yesterday’s webinar now to get specific tips and tricks for executing each of these 10 video for real estate engagement strategies:

1. Set up your own YouTube channel
2. Create an introduction video a la Jimmy Fallon
3. Develop a home tour instead of a virtual tour
4. Use video to be an expert
5. Use video to be a resource
6. Announce and cover community events
7. Add photo albums and video links to Facebook
8. Share testimonials on Facebook and YouTube
9. Interview local businesses
10. Boost email engagement with video links

It is estimated that 1/3 of all online activity involves watching videos. Make sure you are getting your share of the attention!

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