3 Top Expert Secrets to Rock Video Response!


Video continues to be the top engagement preference for anyone wanting to convey information, whether it be personal or professional. You might have noticed that as video continues to be a preferred communication tool, the quality and creativity continues to improve! Just check out the latest YouTube video that’s gone viral, and you will quickly see just how creative and fun video can be.

There is still time for you to get simple video into your marketing matrix easily and have fun while you are at it! Three top experts give us their super secrets that guarantee better return on your investment of energy, time and funds. Here are three top tips from our Point2 Success Series experts:DCF 1.0

Expert #1 – Michael Krisa, aka That Interview Guy, recently revealed in an interview that using video email has opened doors to more business more easily. He recommends that agents use a simple platform like BombBomb to send out market updates, community news or listing and selling reports from the comfort of your office using your computer. One of his coaching clients is enjoying over $500,000 income by offering a daily update on housing inventory in his marketplace. It’s affordable and easy to use, so start practicing now!

Expert #2 – Tricia Andreassen shared that Facebook continues to be a strong channel for positioning you and your business services. In her book, “Interfusion Marketing,” she reports that one of her coaching clients went from having 14% of her sales come from her website to 40% by adding better search engine optimization through inbound linking. Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so having a video link on your Facebook page and embedded in your blog boosts your engagement through the roof!

Expert #3 – Everyone wants to be a celebrity! You don’t have to be a Kardashian to get noticed on video, because video is the one channel on which everyone can be a star! To be the “celebrity authority” in your marketplace, set up an action plan that includes resourceful tips that are evergreen, interesting and valuable to your target market. Our July Success Series expert, Bernice Ross, addresses how to be “You-Nique” in her book, “Real Estate Dough.” One strategy is to offer what you know about real estate that buyers want to know, share that information using video and leverage it through your blog and Facebook as well. As Bernice says, “You are not in the real estate business; you are in the business of selling the dream of American home ownership.” Offer tips on the how-to’s for various phases of home ownership, and you will quickly become a “house-sold” name!

Need more tips?  Join us this Thursday, June 26th, and we’ll share ten more top tips on how to reboot your summer marketing using video! Mark your calendar now!

Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014
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