Unusual Homes: Planes, Trains & Automobiles


How about we have a little fun?

Today we’re going to take another look at unusual homes. In the past, we have explored upside down homes and houses that are shaped like animals. In this post, we’re going to tour three homes that used to be vehicles. That’s right, we’ve found a plane, a train and a former automobile. Fasten your seatbelts – it’s time to take a spin!

Airplane Home

unusual homes plane

If you’ve always wanted your own plane but have a fear of heights, this might be just the ticket (no pun intended). In Portland, Oregon, retired engineer Bruce Campell has converted a Boeing 727 into a cozy home situated on a 10-acre lot. He wanted to repurpose the plane to save it from becoming scrap metal.

It is reported that he is now looking for a 747 to convert into a home in Japan, where he spends 6 months of every year. Click here to read the rest of the story and see more pictures of this arplane house.

Train Home

unusual homes train1

unusual homes train2

What to do with an old caboose? Convert it into a perfectly lovely home, of course! The J.J. Caboose in Montana has got to be one of the slickest conversion we have ever seen. Click on either of the images above to see more photos.

Or how about a hotel? There are a number of overnight lodgings across North America that feature caboose quarters, like The Red Caboose Getaway B&B in Washington. It’s a good way to see if train living is right for you,before you commit to buying your own railcar!

Bus Home

unusual homes bus

unusual homes bus2

We all have that friend who’s lived in their car at one point. But the real problem with that is the tight quarter (ok, and the lack of a bathroom and about a million other things). But a bus, on the other hand, now that has real potential.

This 1982 double-decker bus has been converted into a three bedroom home on wheels, complete with sleek laminate cabinets, butcher block countertops and a wood-urning stove! Better still, you can rent it for roadtrips… basically guaranteeing the coolest holiday ever.

Which one of these three homes would you live in? Which one would you be able to sell?

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