Hot Tip: 6 Secret Camera Tips for Great Video


Just about everyone loves a good video, whether it is silly pet tricks, people having fun or a short burst of information.

Most people will at least open a video, but there are certain ‘must haves’ in order to keep their attention! With more agents looking for instant attention and engagement from prospects, your smartphone and/or iPad can be your best tool(s) for capturing the real-life footage and high-quality information that your prospects are craving!

Here are six super hot tips you can add to your marketing tool box that will help you make your videos engaging, fun and effective:Man with microphone

1)  The first and most important tip is to practice. Practice in front of the camera to give you the comfort edge. As you get more comfortable in front of the camera, you will come across more friendly, more natural and more engaging.

2)  The second tip is to hold the camera correctly! If you are using a smart phone, hold the camera horizontally rather than vertically to eliminate the black bars that will appear on either side.

3)  For easy and best results when shooting great video, invest in a special case that holds the camera or iPad and can be mounted to a stand or tripod. These external holders offer options like special lights, microphones and more. Check out the Makayma Movie Mount Case at for more details and options.

4)  For the best shoot, implement “the rule of thirds.” This comes from the wisdom of video guru, Michael Krisa. He recommends that you divide your screen into thirds and keep your main subject to the right third of the screen.

5)  Audio rocks to make your video sizzle. Invest in an external microphone to ensure great quality. The rule is that audio makes for 70% of the quality of the video.

6)  Invest or make your own microphone flag for your handheld microphone. You see them every day as reporters covering a story hold their microphone. Around the top of the microphone is a box that usually sports the logo of the station, thus branding the person doing the interview as a real professional. They are easy to make or you can order a blank one and apply your own sticker. Either way, it will be the key to getting people to respond, having a handheld microphone with a flag sets the stage for you to be the local celebrity agent!

Video is here to stay and will continue to improve as customers and prospects demand higher quality and engagement. Try using these tips to make you the true celebrity standout in your marketplace.

What is your #1 video tip? Share it with your fellow agents!

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