3 Offline Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate


Online marketing for real estate is essential – and obviously a cornerstone of our business – but we never underestimate the power of offline marketing. Face-to-face interactions have always been a great way to build trust, find new business and get referrals.

offline lead generation blogHere are three ways to build your real estate business using offline lead generation strategies this summer. There’s an opportunity around every corner – make sure you don’t miss out!

Easy: Walk the Dog

There’s no better way to meet the neighbors in a particular neighborhood. Grad Fido, grab the leash and get outside for a stroll. Wave and say hello to people you know as well as people that you don’t know. You never know where friendly small talk will lead.

No dog? Grab the kids or spouse and go for a stroll anyway. It’s much less creepy and more approachable than walking around by yourself, and it’s good exercise too.

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Moderate: Accept Every Invitation

Baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement celebrations… if you’re invited, you’re going (within reason, of course). Social events are excellent opportunities for you to mingle, mix and chat with new people that will expand your network.

When and if real estate discussions come up, be open and offer candid advice. You don’t want to distract from the festivities at hand, so if your new friends have more questions, give them your contact information and invite them to reach out to you anytime.

As an added bonus: your friends and family are more likely to refer you as someone who ‘always comes through.’

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Expert: Travel to Conferences & Tradeshows

It’s not always easy taking a break from your daily business to spend time at an industry event, but it is worth it to plan a tradeshow trip at least once a year.

“But why would I want to go network with the competition?” you might be asking. Don’t think of other agents and brokers as your competition, think of them as your peers. And as peers, you can talk shop, exchange advice and establish relationships that may lead to referrals from other areas or agents in other specialties in the future.

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Don’t Forget: Business cards are a key element of offline networking in all three of the above scenarios. Whether traditional or digital, business cards help you continue the conversation and keep the relationship going forward. Make sure yours are effective (and even memorable) with these business card best practices.

How/where do you generate the most leads offline?

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