Hot Tip: 7 Ways to Use Video & Reboot Your Marketing


Over 4 billion videos are being downloaded every day! The message is clear: the consumer has a strong preference for consuming the information they want via video.

As real estate agents, we have multiple ways to seamlessly integrate video into our marking plan. But most agents don’t know how to use video to engage or promote their business.

Michael Krisa is a video expert who knows real estate! A frequent contributor to Point2, Michael shared with us seven easy ways that agents can easily pump up their video marketing to make more sales:

1. Market the home itself using video in addition to virtual tours. Virtual tours are great, but they don’t allow for a “conversation” about the living points of the property. Walk through the property with the seller and encourage them to talk about why they like a particular area of the home, or how they’ve enjoyed a particular room. Their input puts makes the property more of a home than just another listing.

2. Did you know that over 63% of buyers in 2013 were from the GenX/Y age group? Studies indicate that for this generation, lifestyle is as important to their purchase decision as the property itself! Grab your video camera and shoot scenes around where the property is located. Take footage of the local parks, local marketplace and the town square (how quaint). Include seasonal event coverage too. Video is the easiest and quickest way to create a vision of how the area suits a particular lifestyle so that the buyer can make an informed decision.

3. Play ButtonSo how about using video to connect with everyone, not just prospective buyers or sellers? Simply using you webcam to offer a local property update is one of the most powerful ways to position yourself as the local expert. Chuck and Melissa Carlton of Milton Ontario, Canada offer a daily video update to keep all their YouTube subscribers to their channel informed with the status of new and closed property information. It works well as using video has helped them close over $250,000 in income last year, and they are on their way to doubling that amount so far this year. Video pays!

4. If your favorite movie star walked into the room you’d be excited to “experience” them in person. That is exactly how video works to position you as the celebrity authority in your market. When you post valuable information, and are seen in videos where you interview local leaders and cover local events, you are immediately associated as the resource center when it comes to real estate.

5. No one is perfect on videos, and bloopers are the most fun way to show the real authentic you! Kelley Skar is a highly successful agent in Calgary. He is comfortable including his out-takes in many of his videos and has become the local celebrity in his market. He enjoys over 100,000 views and clearly has created a digital presence using video.

6. It is proven that people would rather view video than read testimonials. On your YouTube channel, divide your video uploads into categories and help the consumer choose what is interesting to them. If they are seeking reasons to hire you, then video testimonials are easy to find. Offering segmentation to your YouTube channel makes the search to find your videos more productive and also offers the viewer easier navigation to find what they are seeking.

7.  Have fun! It’s really very easy to shoot video and making it fun increases the engagement factor. Think of video as a conversation that offers an experience, movement and energy! Create ways you can help buyers and sellers make better decisions by leveraging your experience, your community position and your real estate knowledge to reach out 24 hours a day to help them with their real estate needs.

Video is the way to go to get more sales more easily in your business today. Are you ready for your close up?

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