How to Write Great Email Subject Lines


email subject linesWhile we may not have any statistics on hand to back it up, we’re pretty sure this is a fact: we all get too much email. A great subject line can mean the difference between opening and reading the email and deleting it unread with the rest of the junk. Or just missing it completely in the daily deluge.

If you send emails to clients and prospects to promote your real estate business, the subject line will often determine whether or not your email will get opened.

Here are some tips that will help you write better email subject lines so you can increase your open and conversion rate.

Ideal Length

Email subject lines are a lot like tweets. The shorter they are, the better! Anything too long is overwhelming and won’t show up well in email previews anyway.

Make sure your subject line is 60 characters or less, including spaces. Fifty characters or less is best.

Words to Avoid

Certain words will trigger your spam filter, meaning that your email will probably never even reach the intended recipient. Words to avoid include:

Make money
Big Bucks
Best Price
No Cost
Lower your mortgage rate
Get out of debt
Visit our website

For the ultimate list of spam trigger words, click here.

Although many of these may seem obvious, there are a number of surprising words that also cause emails to go unopened, including the word “free.” Using this word has been shown to have a negative effect, particularly on real estate emails.

Words to Use

Other words have a positive effect on email open rates. Not surprisingly, these are mainly positive words, like “invitation” and “sneak peek.”

The team that sends our Point2 emails can personally attest that subject lines containing the words “thank you” are always a big hit. People like to get invitations, feel special and be appreciated.

Other Tips

  • Personalize it. If you have the ability to add the recipient’s name to the subject line, do it! Although using just their first name might seem the most natural, including both their first and last names has been shown to have the most positive affect on open rates.
  • Watch out for punctuation overkill!!! Besides seeming spammy and juvenile, you only have a certain number of characters to work with – are you sure you want to waste them on punctuation?
  • Testing is a good idea. If you have a basic email you send out often – like a new listing alert – test variations on the subject line to see which one gets the most interest. Do your prospects respond better to “Check out these new listings!” or “Newest listings in <your area>” or something else?
  • Consider the power of numbers. In today’s Buzzfeed and Mashable world, people love lists and numbers. Can you add a number to your subject line to pique their interest? An example would be “Before you make an offer: 4 must-do’s!”

Do you have any email subject line tips for real estate agents?

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