8 Awful Home Buyer Turn Offs


Here on the Point2 Agent blog, we usually give positive advice about things to do to be more successful in your real estate business. We’ll tell you how to write listing descriptions that sell or what apps to use to get more done on the go.

But sometimes it’s just as fun to tell you (and everyone) what NOT to do!

So today we are sharing what not to do if you want to sell a house. Without further ado, we present:

8 awful home buyer turn offs

1. All Purple EVERYTHING

all purple everything

Maybe Prince is in the market for a new house? Let’s hope so, because it looks like a grape exploded in here (click the image above to see the rest of the house).

2. Kitchen Bathrooms

kitchen toilet

Granted, you can take the toilet out of the kitchen, but can you ever take the memory of the toilet out of the kitchen? We’re not so sure.

This turn off is much less rare than you think. We come across at least one new photo of what we affectionately call a “kitchen bathroom” every month.

3. Hoarder Havens

Finish this sentence: Nothing says dream home and move-in ready like…

… piles upon piles of someone else’s stuff? That can’t be right.

4. Small Zoos


Alive or dead, more than one animal is turn off for many buyers. And don’t even get us started on the associated odors.

5. Wall-to-Wall (and Beyond) Wallpaper

Wow, that wallpaper must’ve seemed like a great idea in the 1950s. Now steam that patterned goodness off before your listing gives potential buyers motion sickness.

6. Crazy Exterior Paint

Roses are red, violets are blue, if your neighborhood is neutral, your home should be too! Ditch that crazy hue for an exterior paint color that sells, asap.

7. Filth

If your house resembles a petri dish in any way, potential buyers are more likely to see it as an experiment than an investment.

8. Inopportune Stairs

driveway stairs

We were going to devote the final turn off to above-ground pools, when we found this ridiculous picture of the most inopportune set of stairs we’ve ever seen. Hopefully there aren’t many more of these out there, but if you see a set (like this), please send us a photo.

What’s your #1 turn off when it comes to real estate?

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