12 Ways to Use Facebook Videos in Your Marketing


Did you know that the file size of one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words, and over 3,600 web pages?Video

The fact is that with the success of YouTube and the simplicity of camera phones, using video as an engagement tool has proven to be the key business tool.

Many agents have not yet realized the power of their Facebook business page as a powerful marketing tool, and adding a video to the posts is reported to boost the Facebook post substantially! Although it may take a little practice, video is easy, fun and exactly what the customer is looking for when searching for reasons to hire you.

It’s all part of a socialized business strategy you need to build your community, according to Facebook expert  Brian Solis. It’s not about how many “friends” see the posts, but more about how many fans actually see the posts and respond that counts.

So how can today’s agent combine the power of video with the global reach of Facebook? It’s not as hard as you think. There are a few core components to creating compelling video that will help you generate more business. Here are 12 of our favorites:

  1. Set up your own YouTube channel. Having your own channel is pivotal to positioning you as a true resource, which will enhance your brand. Make sure the channel is branded appropriately using your logo, the colors that coordinate with your other marketing materials, and include your name, your brand and tag line.
  1. Want to really make an impact? Produce an introduction video. The first time someone visits your YouTube channel, your welcome video should be the first one to appear & provide a an overview of what you do (sell real estate) and where you do it (area, demographic, town, etc.). Make it short (90 seconds or less) and be sure it is NOT about you, but how you do what you do for buyers, sellers, the community, development, town, etc.
  1. Write an engaging description on YouTube that includes those key words or phrases that are relevant to your specific niche in the real estate industry. Think in terms of expertise, like Certified Military Real Estate Specialist or First Time Buyer expert. Include the area, town or geographical information in your description. When you correctly optimize your videos with great writing and the correct key words you can anticipate a higher ranking on Google search results.
  1. Not sure what to post about? Post content that is relevant to your audience on Facebook and then have a corresponding video on YouTube to increase traffic. Homeownership information is available anywhere, but when it is produced for a specific target market, with hyper-local information you quickly build a community through shared interests and viewer commentary. Think about posting information about local events, community issues,  outreach programs, park schedules and programs, sports events and other activities that help position you as the resource person for their community.
  1. Did you know you can increase your “likes” on Facebook simply by adding photos? According to Fast Company, photo posts get 39% more interaction than those without pictures. The article states that “Not only do photo posts get more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates – they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook.”
  1. Photo albums rock Facebook! It’s a fact that you will get the most from your posts by posting lots of photos but even better by uploading photo albums. Wishpond reported that photo posts get 120% more engagement than the average posts, with photo albums getting about 180% more. So post more photos – especially of your community and local events. Create traffic between your Facebook page pictures that correspond with a designated video on your YouTube channel.
  1. Announce local community events on Facebook by setting up an “event” on your business page for more exposure. Then cover the event like a reporter with the live action going on behind you. Shoot video of the local farmers market with the market activity in full swing behind you, and you’ll enjoy instant celebrity authority!
  1. Develop videos that offer short tips to get properties ready for spring, summer, fall and winter. Provide interviews from local service providers to get the “expert” view on various property issues, like landscaping, mold issues, HVAC or contractors. Include a regular monthly post on tips on current or  increasing home values. Use video with links from your Facebook page to quickly become the  “go to” resource center for your marketplace.
  1. Practice makes perfect, or at least easier to do! Don’t get stuck making the “perfect” video. The more you get in front of the camera, the better you will be. The video allows the viewer to “experience” you as the real estate professional. Don’t be afraid to have some fun!
  1. Video is proving to dominate how the consumer wants to engage information. Be sure your videos have great audio quality. Camera work can afford to be standard, but audio must be clear, and easy to hear. Get the right microphones so that you can look and sound good on video.
  1. Don’t make long videos – keep them short, to the point, and in real venues. There’s plenty of input on the length, but CBS News recently recommended that 2 minutes and under is optimal. More studies shows that 90 seconds works the best for several reasons, including easy downloading.
  1. Post the video with catchy titles and copy on your Facebook page, especially if you have a specific business page for your farm, town, development or subdivision. Offer your market updates, recent reports and news worthy items on the site in a consistent manner such as a new post every week.

Think about deploying one or several of these initiatives to get you more sales more easily!

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