Using Facebook For Real Estate: 10 Tips


Do you wonder how many hours are spent on posting to social media by real estate agents? Have you also wondered if you are wasting your time putting up bits of information, but feel you must do it simply because “other agents are doing it”?

Facebook for real estate

Although it is proven that online channels are highly effective in generating solid leads, most agents are not seeing the results of their posting efforts.   

Facebook has over one billion members and is a great place to start positioning resource information on your business page. In our May Success Series session, expert Tricia Andreassen offered step-by-step posting strategies to help us to obliterate time wasters with actions that help get your properties sold.

Tricia says, “Posting must be designed with a full ‘interfusion’ strategy that goes beyond a single post.” So to help you jump-start your Facebook success, we’ve taken some of her 25 tips and added in some other great Facebook for real estate strategies to get you started!

1. Do you know the best time to do your Facebook posting? The peak hours for sharing on Facebook are between 8:00 to 11:00 at night, and not in the morning! Knowing when to post is as important as knowing what to post.

2. Do you think pictures help to increase the interest on your page? It is reported that adding photos or videos to your page can increase engagement as much as 180%! Get more views when you add lifestyle photos and videos in your posts or add real life action shots of local events for interest.

3. Tricia ranked the use of Facebook Apps #24 on her list of 25 top tips. She suggests using the app section in Facebook to create lead capture sections and to launch special offers to your fans.

4. According to a recommendation from Facebook, you will enjoy higher engagement from posts if they are kept between 100 and 250 characters. Shorter posts are the ticket to more engagement.

5. Design posts to elicit conversations as your goal. Ask your audience to share their thoughts, insights, feedback and ideas on your posts in order to promote a two-way conversation. Inviting commentary utilizes the “social” part of these channels, so slant your post in a conversational way, asking for responses, rather than simply posting facts and data.

6. Tricia’s session encouraged you to offer free reports, links to articles or information that might be interesting to your audience. Think “farming,” by posting engaging information to a specific group of prospects. Examples of target posting would be to feature golf information and programs to your golfing groups, or new park developments to your geographical farm, or community program schedules on Facebook pages developed for specific housing developments. Targeted posts build more specific commentary to help you measure the effectiveness of your posting and the level of engagement.

7. Your “Call to Action” is a sure fire way to get clicks back to your website. Tricia cited the Facebook business page of “The Linda Hall Team” to demonstrate how using a Seller’s eBook as a free downloadable drives prospects to Linda’s website. This activity alone has resulted in multiple buyer and seller leads. Tap into the great resources of your own company, or the NAR library for tips that are easily formatted into a PDF format for your own eBook.

8. Think RESOURCE center when you post tips on your Facebook page that might be of interest to your audience. Feature reports about upcoming trends for kitchens or bathrooms that are posted on sites like Zillow, and include their link in your post. This drives traffic and positions you as the “celebrity authority” and resource in your marketplace.

9. Did you know that one minute of video is equal to over 1.8 million words? Don’t hesitate to shoot an informational video and post it on Facebook with links to your YouTube channel. Do a short overview of the lifestyle around the properties in your area. Another idea is to offer video of local holiday parades or to cover the spring opening of local farmer’s markets that have interest to your audience. Always be sure your audio quality is good! (More video tips from expert Michael Krisa, as well as his iPad segment, both loaded with great tips on how to make video work for you!)

10. Post with purpose! Think of continuity marketing. Offer regular posts like “Testimonial Tuesdays,” a strategy that features a current testimonial from one of your recent transactions. Get creative with Facebook’s “Throw back Thursdays” or #tbt and dig up photos of your town’s main street from 25 or 50 years ago for a fun look back. By offering a content calendar with regular features, you will train your audience to expect regular installments. Consistency is the key to building more views that will result in more sales.

Need more tips? Tricia ended our program with offering Point2 her list of top 25 Facebook tips, which we will share in Thursday’s coaching session. Don’t miss more tips on how to start using Facebook right to make more sales – sign up now!

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014
Time: 10 Pacific / 11 Mountain / 12 Central / 1 Eastern / 2 Atlantic

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