7 Blogging Blunders to Avoid


Your blog can be an excellent tool for attracting clients and establishing credibility in your market. Without proper care, however, your blog could also highlight your flaws. We’ve interviewed recent house hunters to see what blog characteristics negatively impacted their relationship with potential real estate agents. Avoid these seven common mistakes to ensure that your blog is an asset rather than a liability.

1. Inconsistent Posts

“I hate it when I visit a blog, and they haven’t posted since Christmas or something. I either think they don’t care or they will be too busy to help me,” says Christy T. Create a posting schedule that you can live with and stick to it. This consistency shows clients your diligent work ethic and can also boost your online visibility. blogging blunders

2. Posts Riddled with Errors

As an agent, you have multiple talents. But if impeccable grammar and writing skills aren’t among them, ask a more knowledgeable friend or employee to proofread posts. That way readers can focus on your content rather than your errors. “My house will be my biggest investment so far. I want to be sure that I am working with a competent, professional person. Lots of typos and bad grammar worry me,” says Rashad K.

3. Limited Distribution

After posting to your blog, use a share tool to distribute links to your post via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. Of our interviewed house hunters, none preferred to visit real estate blogs directly. Rather, they followed links posted to other social media platforms that they use more often like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

4. “Boring” Posts

Always include an image with your post. “A post without pictures is boring, especially if it’s long,” says Dina W. Graphics make posts more eye-catching and enhance readers’ memory, helping them to remember content from your blog.

5. Honing in On the Competition

Trash talking the competition can make you look petty and unprofessional. You don’t want to offer free marketing for your competitor, either. Focus on your own business. St. John B says, “I found [my real estate agent] on another agent’s blog!” The blogger bashed the other agent for a “stolen” sale. “I thought what he did was smart. I visited his site and ended up working with him instead.”

6. Bragging or Whining

Whether you’re experiencing feast or famine, be wise about the personal experiences that you share with readers. “We were searching for a property during the downturn and one woman wrote something like, ‘Will you be my first sale this quarter?’ She followed it with something funny, but it made me think she might be desperate for a sale and could sell us a cheap house with secrets, you know?” says Christy T.

7. Vapid Blogs

Let your blog show your personality as well as your professionalism. Update your blog to reflect recent certifications, accomplishments and speaking engagements. “Some people have pointless bios that say nothing about them. I ended up going with [this agent] who had more info available: he had recently done community service so I knew he was involved in the neighborhood and probably knew a lot about it. He had pictures at from a block party that made the community look fun and he was playing with his kids. He seemed to have a good work-life balance. He had also done some continuing education course that made me think he would be up-to-date with industry standards. All simple stuff, but it helped,” says Kimmey P.

What’s your #1 blogging pet peeve?

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, a writer for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog — as part of a post exchange.

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