Digital Real Estate: A Lifestyle, Not a Trend


Imagine the property-shopping mood bites a prospective customer. With budgets, neighborhoods and home styles in mind, they make a beeline for their mobile device to see what’s out there.Docusign

The New Reality

Digital and mobile platforms serve as a key foundation for today’s consumer market based on ease of use and convenience of finding the right home. Erase the notion of this as a trend. Consumer behavior has already pushed this mainstream.

  • Early Warnings – Signals shot up for the digital consumer transition back in 2011. Morgan Stanley released a rich and detailed report that mobile web searches will reign supreme in 2015. Also in 2011, Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman noted that mobile searches influence how REALTORS® should market their listings. REALTORS will compete for prospects looking for houses via Google Maps.
  • Research – To layer onto the argument, Google and the National Association of REALTORS® co-developed a study – Digital House Hunt – that measured “Google real estate searches on mobile devices grew 120%…from 2011-2012.”

Today, your prospects are only a click-away from finding the right home, but they lean on you to guide them through the negotiations, legalities and paperwork. Imagine this scenario: a prospect happily finds their dream home online, but the happiness sours when faced with the barrage of physical paperwork and emotional red tape. If you’re not digital, then why should they consider your business?

Thriving in the Digital Market

Our market overcrowds prospects with potential REALTORS®. Communicate and work with your prospects via digital methods like they do. By matching their efforts, you’ll proudly boast a successful real estate business that leaves clients fulfilled with the property that speaks to their dreams and matches their reality.

  • The Social Sell – Before taking the social leap, consider your core client base. Do they tweet or skim Facebook? To ensure you’re crafting the right digital strategy to reach your prospects and clients, survey their habits. Likewise, guide your own research using this detailed social media channel comparison infographic from Leverage.
  • Mobile Business – We’re busy people. Unfortunately, our schedules often bar us from physically travelling to home viewings or for agent office visits. In fact, REALTOR® and real estate thought leader, Lawrence Brown, reveals that he has a client for whom he’s sold many homes, but hasn’t yet met in person. Like with social media, it is vital to match the prospects or clients’ habits to guarantee a sustainable business.

So be sure you are serving your customers on their terms and where they want to interact with you. Given consumer trends, they’re probably already waiting for you at the other end of that wireless connection on their mobile device.

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