Hot Tip: The 2 Missing Ingredients to Getting More Online Leads


Do you know the two missing ingredients to getting more leads online?

We all have the same challenge: what marketing works the best, for the lowest cost, that has a proven return on your investment of time and money?

It’s true that many sales people are reactionary in their marketing and do what everyone else is doing, getting the same or no results. This broadcast style of marketing is sure to not only break your bank, but wear you out in the meantime!

As business professionals, it is not smart to squander resources using the “hope” strategy that one Facebook post will bring in a slew of leads.

The proven truth is that in order to show measurable outcomes, you need a customized marketing plan that is purposefully designed to attract, engage, connect and convert prospects to get more sales.

As agents, we have to choose among multiple marketing tools: signs, logos, email marketing, real estate advertising and direct mail, just to mention a few. But what is the real missing ingredient to double or even triple our production?Tomatoes

The real road to online prospecting made easy is a well thought-out roadmap. When executed and consistently followed, you are on your way to close more business.

Here are a two strategies to get you get to where you want to go:

1)      Start with a plan. In her new book, “Interfusion Marketing” Tricia Andreassen dedicates an entire chapter to why the single best marketing secret is that it is not accomplished with just one technique. A more efficient plan is to determine the best blend of marketing elements that will stimulate the right results. And then act on that plan consitently over time.

2)      The marketing elements can include some pretty basic steps you are already using, but utilized in a more uniform and consistent manner.

  1. Start with identifying a target specific marketplace
  2. Become a “resource” to that market by creating and sending valuable, relevant information that is posted in a consistent manner and that is highly personalized for your consumer
  3. Develop a clear message of value and services using multiple channels that resonate with that target market and invite engagement
  4. Create the marketing and messaging that supports your branding for your target market where your customers go to find information.
  5. Support your campaigns with core elements, like a website that offers real-time information (integrated with your MLS and linked to and through your social media channels) and Twitter posts that direct local searches to your web presence
  6. All traditional marketing like direct mail and fliers are most effective when they are set up to be convergent in their messaging, routing and direction back to your site where there is a call to action to fulfill what the customer wants in real time

When you develop a clear marketing plan that is deployed consistently through specific channels with consistent messaging and elements that “listen” and then engage with your marketplace, you can expect real return from your efforts.

If you are clueless about where start and determined to work smarter not harder on how to best design and develop your best online and offline marketing plan, get the full scoop from expert Tricia Andreassen.

What social media channels do you use to broadcast valuable information to local prospects?

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