Do You Use the “Tie-Breaker” Advantage?


Digital? Paperless? Virtual? If you find the latest tools and resources overwhelming, confusing and just plain uncomfortable, you might find the next few tips an easy solution bring your presentations, communications and marketing systems in line with today’s demands using technology.

tie-breaker advantageWhen you incorporate cutting edge innovations into your buyer and seller service model, you are confidently deploying a secret weapon to beat out your competition.  According to a recent article in the March issue of the Harvard Business Review, this elevation of value offers you the “tie breaker” advantage. When customers or clients are faced with making a decision to hire you, these enhanced service options clearly emerge as the unfair competitive advantage.

To keep pace with what consumers are expecting, simply incorporate one simple step at a time to differentiate your service model, save precious time, alleviate stress and WOW your customers and clients. All you need to do is to add one of these new steps every couple of days, and you’ll be up to speed and beyond in no time! Start with a few basics:

  1. With any project, having the right tools makes the process easier. Smart phones are good, but when you need to engage a client or customer, having a larger screen like an iPad makes it a more professional and engaging experience. Garry Wise, of Paperless Agent, recommends that after you demonstrate the CMA or review videos or virtual tours on the device, turning over the iPad to the customer to “move” the program along builds trust and confidence.
  1. It’s reported that there are over 900,000 apps out there for us to use, but the top 10 that help you save time and organize your business are the special ones that you need to identify and master. Garry states that by using the most popular of the top ten, you are better positioned to organize and streamline your services and your efficiency. Apps to try out include Evernote, Keynote, Skype, DropBox, Google Drive, DocuSign and more just to name a few. Always use the ones you like the best, because chances are, they will be the ones you actually will use.Harnessing the power of the “net in your hand” is a game changer, and it positions you to be the true professional resource to your prospects, customers and clients.
  1. Switch up your listing and buyer presentation by creating a digital version on your iPad. This is a simple process done using Keynote and/or PowerPoint. You can include screen captures of sites that support your marketing, along with embedding video tours and video clips to build engagement with your prospect. For a free template, visit
  1. Invest in office equipment that multi-tasks for you.  A simple home-sized printer can also be a scanner, copier and print photos wirelessly. When looking to buy any equipment, check out features like wireless access and the cost of the cartridges.
  1. Think engagement instead of presentation. Today’s buyers, especially the GenX/Y segment, are all about being involved with the experience. Think through the many options that offer that engagement or “stickiness” to keep the attention of a prospective buyer. Virtual tours are always a good choice, but a virtual tour that offers some kind of “gaming” option is sure to keep the attention and interest of the prospect. Look for tour platforms that offer a “style designer” allowing the user to instantly change the colors in the property with the click of a mouse, to customize the property to their own tastes and preferences. A simple click can change the colors of wood flooring, walls, moldings, cabinetry and more.Some platforms support vacant properties and new construction with a virtual “staging” option, thus offering the viewer to imagine and create the space to suit them.

The demise of paper and the meteoric growth of digital solutions is happening as we read! There is no doubt that, in order to meet the growing demands of our customers and clients, we must be ever-ready in all phases of our services.

Adopt a new protocol to help you out serve the competition and guarantee a great real estate experience that keep clients for life and those endless referrals coming. Master the digital, and you are guaranteed to go from paper to profits!

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