Convert Seller Prospects: SOLD in 5 Easy Steps


What if you knew which 5 top steps you need to not only get more listings but also list them at the right price?

Super agent and founder of  The Paperless Agent, Garry Wise, shared his proven 5-step strategy in our Success Series webinar recently. With over 20 years in the business, Garry turned his frustration with the inefficiencies of a complicated and often inconsistent listing appointment process into a streamlined, highly-efficient system using a paperless approach.

Garry shared his proven 5-step system as a template for success at listing appointments that will set you apart from the competition, develop immediate trust and, most importantly, take control of the appointment. He shared how to streamline the process using your tablet or phone loaded with as few as 5 simple apps to convert the appointment to a sale.convert seller prospects

Garry recommends:

Step #1 – After the handshake and hellos, ask the seller if you can take a moment to sit at the kitchen table first to ask a few questions. This initiative allows you to graciously decline the invitation to immediately tour the property. Instead you can refer to ‘inspecting’ the property after this initial session. With your device in hand, begin by asking questions and taking notes using Evernote seated next to the seller at the kitchen table. This is when you will develop the trust and brand positioning of being their advisor.

Step #2 – After the questions have been answered and their answers have been recorded in a customized folder in Evernote software program, Garry says, “Never offer to tour the property, but offer to inspect the property.” He instructs the agents to take pictures on the iPad using iBooks to organize and review the photos. This activity gives you an opportunity to recommend professional staging of the property in the marketing segment, and helps the seller to focus on possible repairs and maintenance issues with a fresh perspective.

Step #3 – While still in the marketing segment of the presentation, Garry brilliantly helps the seller to author the “lifestyle” they enjoy having lived in the property by implementing a program called Skitch. Skitch is a part of the Evernote software that allows annotations on a map. Working with the seller, Garry marks the map with locations around the subject’s property that identify the seller’s favorite restaurants, shopping, dog walking, bike trails or any pertinent information that support the lifestyle of the neighborhood. This is especially engaging to the GenX/Y buyers who are as interested in the lifestyle of where the property is located, as much as the property itself.

Step #4 – This segment addresses the market value range of the property. You can create a mobile version of a CMA right on your iPad or laptop to help educate the seller as to how to arrive at what the market is bearing for their property.  Garry invites the seller to move through the online CMA by actually engaging the tablet, to review the market information together. This mutual journey helps the seller to arrive at a fair market value when you are both tapping the market to arrive at a fair pricing decision.

Step #5 – If you have walked through the first 4 steps correctly, it is an easy transition to endorse the document to begin your listing relationship. Using the popular software, DocuSign, Garry employs this script to move forward to get the agreement signed right on the iPad: “I want to work with you, and I think we make a great fit to work together to sell your home….Don’t you agree?” This assumptive close works to get the agreement signed because of the prior time invested, the collaboration and the development of trust between the agent and the seller.

When you combine these 5 steps with effective and efficient software platforms, you demonstrate that you truly offer a unique selling advantage and are fully equipped to get that property  from listed to SOLD!

Do you bring your tablet to listing appointments?

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