Easter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate


Easter Marketing Ideas for Real EstateIt’s finally spring! This is a great time to bump up your real estate marketing, and Easter provides a number of fun opportunities for connecting with the people in your area – both clients and potential clients.

Today we’ve gathered up four Easter marketing ideas for real estate agents. There’s still plenty of time to put these ideas to work for your business.

Host an Egg Hunt

A neighborhood egg hunt is a great way to interact with your clients and expand your network in the community. Schedule it for the day or weekend before Easter for maximum attendance and bill it as a time for kids to practice their hunting skills in anticipation of the big day. Fill plastic eggs with candy, puzzle pieces or other small treats and award prizes.

You can even turn your Easter egg hunt into a charity event by requiring participants to bring a canned good to donate. It’s a great way to build up your reputation and do right by others at the same time. Be sure you bring some coffee or donuts, too, so you can mingle with the adults while the little ones hunt for eggs.

Deliver Easter Baskets

Reach out to current clients and past clients you’d like to maintain a strong relationship with by delivering Easter baskets. It doesn’t have to be expensive; just buy some candy in bulk and add a small potted plant, book or family game. Be sure to include a card with your name (and contact info) on it wishing the recipients a happy spring. Your generosity and cheer will not go unnoticed and may lead to referrals.

Send Direct Mail

If you have a lot of clients or you’re looking for a way to introduce yourself to more of the residents in your area, have an Easter card made and send it out via direct mail. Post it to prospects in your database or plan to mail it to everyone in a certain neighborhood. Order cards from an online service like here or make your own.

Create an Egg Coloring Contest

This is another great way to interact with people who have children. (After all, these people may eventually need a larger house, right? We’re optimists.) Organize a coloring contest like the ones you sometimes see at grocery stores and dental offices. Make coloring sheets available to pick up at your office and offer a downloadable version on your website that can be printed out.

Ask that all submissions are turned into your office by a set date, and offer a prize – or three – to the winners. This gets more people in the door and creates opportunities for friendly and memorable interactions.

Don’t forget that this time of year also provides a great opportunity to spring clean your website to be more attractive to buyers and sellers who are defrosting and getting ready to move.

Do you plan any real estate marketing activities around the Easter holiday? Let us know about them below.

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