Real Estate Comics – Part 2


It’s Thursday, and we’re in the mood for a laugh. Since the response to our first Real Estate Comics post was so overwhelming positive, we decided it’s time for a follow up. Because the real estate industry means serious business… most of the time!

comics grumpy cat

comics dilbert

comics imaginary estate

comics convincing

real estate comics stressful

This last comic was found on a very funny Facebook page that’s definitely worth a follow.

And if it’s bad listing photos you’re looking for (if only for the entirely educational purpose of showing your sellers how good your listing photos are in comparison), we’ve got the newest, must-visit site right here:

Want to see a sample photo? Of course you do!


Don’t forget to check out our Real Estate Humor Pinterest Board – there are some real gems on there. If you find a good comic we haven’t seen, please leave us a link below or tag us in one of your pins!

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