Hot Tip: 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Getting More Listings


1) Do stand apart from your competition by developing and delivering a pre-appointment package before your actual appointment. When possible at the delivery, ask the prospect to sign for the package to create awareness that this package is important for a successful meeting. The package should include several items, including a receipt of acceptance, a cover letter indicating the next steps and a checklist of other contacts that will be made prior to the meeting by members of your team. A homework sheet is a smart item so that your seller gets the message; you want them to be prepared!Getting More Listings

2) Don’t miss the opportunity to have a confirmation call BEFORE the appointment, preferably by someone other than yourself. Call the seller the day of the appointment to confirm the date and time and to inquire if they have reviewed the pre-appointment and have their homework ready. The homework sheet includes directions to have several important documents and information ready for the appointment to will save time at the meeting.

3) Do include a letter from your loan originator partners. This will help define your strategic alliance with your seller to assist them with options and pre-qualification for their purchase with a pre-approval letter. This will help you to either refer them out of the area, or line up their next home purchase, as well as have a clearer idea of their equity position.

4) Do include a checklist of items you would like to have ready for you at the appointment.  Sam Miller, superstar listing agent from Mt. Vernon Ohio, includes a “Free Key” coupon to get additional keys made in his prelisting package.  Sam has an account with a local hardware store where the keys are to be made.  When he arrives at the listing appointment and sees the keys, he’s 99% sure he has that listing!

5) Don’t assume your seller will have wireless internet, so have ready both a paperless CMA and a printed copy.  Both will assist you in helping the seller arrive at a realistic pricing for their property.

6) Don’t hesitate to offer a list of resources to help the seller prepare the property ready for marketing.  Include a list of multiple service providers for various professionals needed to get the property market ready. Resources to include can be painters, contractors, small appliance repair people, stagers, decorators, movers, legal counsel, top lender partners, cleaning services, landscapers and more!

And finally…

7) Do let them know that a top agent is the first step to getting their property sold. Your job is to market their home, locally and globally with the highest visibility. Do mention that although you may not bring in the actual buyer, your marketing expertise and systems will profile their property to more agents who are working with buyers in their price range. Your efforts will ultimately get it sold!

What is your #1 tip to closing a listing presentation?

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