5 Super Secrets to Get More Listings [Webinar Recording]


more listingsYesterday we hosted our second webinar of the month and, boy, was it a good one!

If you’re looking to have more control over your listing inventory, generate more buyer leads and increase your brand recognition in your area, you won’t want to miss the webinar recording below. Real estate legend Terri Murphy shared 5 super secrets to getting more listings and then selling those listings fast. She’s so generous that she even threw in a bonus secret at the end.

Here’s what she breaks down for you:

  1. Target marketing to triple your ROI
  2. Direct mailing made easy by USPS
  3. Small free items that will help you close every listing
  4. Advertising tactics that really work
  5. What one change you can make to your yard sign for maximum effect


Bonus tip: Ways to make your virtual tours more engaging

Surprise guest Barry Baptist joined in for the end of the webinar with a special offer for all Point2 Agent members from Get a Grip Audio – a Point2 Alliance Member. Click here to read more about it and enter to win free audio voiceovers for your listings.

Are you ready to learn…

… why you should never leave your CMA at a listing presentation?
… why ‘just sold’ is better than ‘just listed’?
… the three keys to listing success?

Hit PLAY and enjoy!


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