Top Actions to List More & Sell FAST!


Are you ready to rock your listing production for 2014? Superstars Sam Miller and Marsha Sell shared their top tips that have put them in the profit zone, year after year

Whether you are brand new to taking listings or need a retrofit, these 6 tips will get you more properties that sell more easily!

Terri cherry picked the best tips from Marsha and Sam to give you the ultimate action steps to make it really happen! And Terri will be joined by Barry Baptist of GetAGripAudio to help pump up  the engagement on your virtual tours with simple professional audio.

Don’t miss this great follow up – or risk missing out on some great info and free downloadables, too.

Get the scoop on:

1)      How to make your virtual tours more engaging with audio

2)      Why target marketing via direct mail can triple your ROI

3)      How the U.S. Postal Service has made direct mail easier and more targeted than ever before

4)      A quick change that can make your yard signs shine 24/7

5)      Simple items you can add to your pre-listing services to almost guarantee the listing is yours

6)      Branding and positioning that will beef up your advertising

Don’t wait! Mark your calendars NOW for Thursday.

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014
Time: 10 Pacific / 11 Mountain / 12 Central / 1 Eastern / 2 Atlantic

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