How Successful Agents Get the Best Listings [Webinar Recording]


If you missed yesterday’s Point2 Success Series webinar with guests Sam Miller and Marsha Sell, boy did you miss out on some killer listing tips! In just 45 minutes, these two top agents flew through pointer after pointer as everyone on the call hurried to jot down notes. Ideas were flying and pencils were scribbling. webinar

Fortunately we have some good news for both those who attended and those who couldn’t make it. We recorded it. So now you don’t have to wonder about the great listing marketing tips you might otherwise be missing out on.

Watch the recording below to learn how to continually get the best listings in your target neighborhood. You’ll hear from Sam and Marsha, two of the winningest listings agents in their respective areas.

Sam hails from Ohio and has been an agent since he was 18 years old. Last year he closed 269 transactions and this year he’s gunning for 300! In this webinar recording, he shares:

  • The 3 phases to listing a property – learn what to do to guarantee that it’s yours
  • Pre-listing interview steps that will make your job much easier
  • What marketing strategies to use… and what not use (hear about his negative experience)
  • A super simple visual that will make sure you never lose a listing over price

Marsha lists in Atlanta and has been a real estate agent for over 40 years! She has been continually named among the top two agents in her company because she knows what it takes to draw listings. Marsha’s contribution to the webinar includes:

  • Direct mail campaigns that will get sellers to pick up the phone and call you
  • A look at the listing leave-behind that gives her the advantage when there’s competition
  • Events that demonstrate your value to the community and make you a household name

Ready to get started and get more listings? Hit play on the video below!

Coming Up Next

Joins us next Thursday for a power coaching webinar that’s all about listings. Real estate expert Terri Murphy will show you exactly to put all of these tips – and many more – into action. Over 400 agents have already signed up!

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