Facebook’s Paper App for Real Estate Agents


All the News That’s Fit to [Digitally] Print

facebook paperOn February 3rd, Facebook introduced a new mobile app for the iPhone called Paper. Paper is a news reader app that allows you to discover and share articles that interest you.

Paper is ideal for Facebook users who like the stories that surface in their News Feed but who don’t like the fact that those stories are often buried by baby photos, cat videos and hilarious memes (no matter how hilarious). It is attractive and easy to use, allowing you to create customized sections for your various interests and thumb through articles at will.

The content used to populate Paper is based on links shared by Facebook’s 1 billion users and divided into sections – just like a classic newspaper. Open the section that interests you to display a preview of stories that you can scroll through. To open a story, just swipe your fingers and animation makes it look like you are turning a page.

One of your default Paper sections is your News Feed, so you can still access your friend’s status updates and profiles, post your own updates and send messages. Essentially, Paper gives you a new way to use Facebook on your iPhone – surfacing more stories while still retaining the core features of this popular social platform. If you still prefer the classic Facebook app, don’t worry; Paper is an addition to their selection of app offerings, not a replacement.

Although Paper is optimized for the iPhone 5, it is also compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods operating on iOS 7.0 or later.

You can download Paper here: get Paper now

Paper is currently only available in the US – unless you’re willing to put in a little extra effort. Don’t worry, since Paper is a free app it’s not very hard. Just follow the steps found here to download Paper in Canada or anywhere else outside of the US.

One thing we’re still not so sure about is how Paper is different from/better than Flipboard – another popular online news reader with multiple social channels baked right in. It might just be that Paper is a good option for an audience who is already familiar and comfortable with Facebook, so it is more approachable than an entirely new app. And the Facebook interaction features are pretty slick, too.

Have any of agents out there tried Paper yet? What is your opinion of Facebook’s new app?

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