Upcoming Webinar: Successful Agents & How They Continually Get Listings


Do you know that taking more listings that sell will increase your bottom line with less time and more profits? Statistics tell us that you save almost 47% more time when marketing listings than working with buyers.

Now every agent has their preference to work with just buyers, just sellers or both! But in every case, learning how to “list to last” gets other agents to work for you!House

That’s why Point2 has invited two top performers to join us for our February Success Series webinar on February 13th!

At the young age of 18, Sam Miller got right out of high school and became the first agent in Knox County Ohio to sell 100 homes by the time he turned 24! His focus is on profitability. Sam will share that by leveraging systems and technology he could be more efficient than by growing a brokerage sized team like many agents seem to be doing today.

Sam uses a unique hybrid marketing system that utilizes a combination of print and web-based marketing to generate hundreds of listing appointments and thousands of buyer inquires each year. Sam and his team have closed as many as 380 transactions in a single year, and Sam’s current focus is on closing 300 transactions annually.

Marsha Sell is excited about starting 2014 as her 42nd year selling real estate. She has twice been named #1 for her company in the South East as she continues to top the list for both referrals and repeat business.

Both agents will share their simple, easy-to-mimic systems to help us list more… and make more sales, more easily!

Date: Thursday, Februray 13, 2014
Time: 10 Pacific / 11 Mountain / 12 Central / 1 Eastern

The webinar is now over. View the recording here.

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