Top 3 Tips to Get Listings Sold Faster


If a seller asked you point blank, “What do you do to make a listing services stand apart from your competition?” what kind of answer would you give?

Many of us will spout out some watery statistics about our company’s history or ambiguous data. What a waste when we could be knocking the socks off that seller with a more cutting edge marketing strategy!

Why not consider a revamped, redesigned, fresh approach that you can easily incorporate into your marketing strategy that will strongly position you as the right agent to sell their property?Sold stamp

It’s worth it to take a snippet of time to rethink how you will market listings differently to serve the ever-changing demands of sellers today. Try something new to get the right listings sold faster for a bigger price.

Here’s what to consider to “up the experience” and get more listings sold faster in 2014:

  • Neighborhood Tours: We love virtual tours, especially when you add an audio description or voiceover to the platform. But when a property sells, the virtual tour must be deleted, so consider using a “lifestyle” or neighborhood video that can remain active online that will appeal to both buyers and sellers. Surveys indicate that the GenX/GenY buyer is interested in the lifestyle of the area where property is located. This is something they consider before looking for a specific property in that area. Help those prospective buyers see the area by producing a video tour that includes real community action and images from the parks, the local farmers market, the downtown area, schools and more! Visit for some help producing great virtual tours and videos.
  • Global Buyers: So you think just because your MLS has a global connection to an international portal that your properties are now on a global platform for viewers from outside the US or Canada? It’s best to check and see if those listings are translated into different languages so that they appear in foreign-language Google search results. Check out and see how to get the translation done automatically and get your properties in front of a larger global network of prospects. Over 6 BILLION commission dollars were paid out to savvy agents last year – don’t miss out on your piece of the international real estate pie!
  • Go to SOLD Faster with Professional Staging:  The Real Estate Staging Association recently released a study of 359 homes that were staged before hitting the market. On average, these homes received an offer within 26 days after being professionally staged and listed, as opposed to non-staged properties, and nearly 70 of those homes received multiple offers as well. What this says is that smart agents should work with prospective sellers to get their properties staged well before the selling process for faster and more efficient selling. For easy DIY home staging tips, click here to see our home staging Pinterest board.

It’s a never-ending task to be ahead of the marketing game, but smart agents embrace new strategies to increase their sales every year.

What things do you do to help sell your listings faster?

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  • I’d say that it’s worth much more than a snippet of your time if you can knock off the socks of your seller with a more streamlined marketing strategy! I know that the struggle to stay one step ahead of the game never ends, but I really appreciate you taking the time to share some wisdom.

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