Point2 Agent Update: Add Custom Audio to Virtual Tours


custom audio virtual tour

Savvy Point2 Agent users might have noticed an exciting update to virtual tours earlier this week. As of Monday, all Professional and Elite Point2 Agent members have gained the ability to add custom audio to their virtual tours – something that opens up an exciting range of possibilities!

Think about it. Instead of being limited to one of several available soundtracks, you can now add your own music. Or you can provide narration that walks the viewer through the most notable features of the house.

What would you tell a prospective online buyer if you had the opportunity to speak to him or her directly? Get ready to put some thought into it because now you can!

Adding custom audio to a virtual tour in Point2 Agent is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step One

Log into your Online Office and click the Listings tab at the top of the screen. Find the listing you want to customize a virtual tour for and select Edit Virtual Tour from the drop down menu.


Step Two

Organize the listing images in the order you’d like them to appear. Click Edit next to any image to adjust the duration, transition and caption of the image. Then click Edit next to the Soundtrack field at the top of your page to adjust the audio.



Step Three

Select Upload Audio then click Choose File to locate the audio file you would like to attach to this listing. Then click Save.


And that’s all there is to it! Being able to add custom audio to virtual tours is another marketing tool you can highlight in your listing presentation to win more listings. Bring your brand to life with custom audio.

What kind of audio will you add to your vistual tours?


  • Jason says:

    I am a real estate agent that recently started using these on the 360 Virtual Tours we use for our properties and have seen a great response for them. We use 360 Virtual Visions and for the tours and voice walkthroughs. They are great, give them a try if that’s what your looking for.

  • Carol Fox says:

    What software do you recommend for creating the audio files? How would you get it to sync with the photos?

    • Chris de Jong says:

      Hi Carol!

      Our favorite (free!) tool for creating audio files is Audacity – http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/

      It is a simple, easy-to-use program that let’s you create any type of audio file you need. As for how to get the audio to sync with the photos, we recommend narrating the audio tour in order to get the talking track and then upload the file we create to go along with it. Cheers!

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