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melanie press 2We’re thrilled to introduce Melanie Press as our newest Point2 Agent Success Series profile. Melanie is an award-winning agent and Point2 Agent Professional user based in Prince Edward Island.

We love the way Melanie has customized her Point2 Agent site – particularly the “Really Useful Stuff” header she’s added that includes all sorts of, well, really useful stuff. Melanie uses her site to help inform curious online browsers about who she is, how she works and how the real estate market works… and that helps turn prospects into clients.

“I love it when I get compliments about my website, which I’ve had many, from clients and even other Realtors®.”

Read our interview with Melanie below to get her tips for new agents:

When, where and why did you get started in real estate?

Before I moved to Canada, I started working in real estate sales as an estate agent in England in 1996. I was always around the business in different forms; my parents were landlords and had numerous rental properties and had built their own homes.

I became an estate agent because I love houses and architecture, I love meeting people and looking after people and I love a challenging environment. When all of these components were mixed, out popped real estate.

When did you start using Point2 Agent and what made you choose us?

I registered and paid for my website 3 months before I got my Canadian Real Estate License because I wanted to hit the ground running. I had seen other Point2 Agent sites and liked the layout and style. I liked that there were different levels of affordability.

I also like the customization options available. I’m big on looking different from everyone else, and Point2 Agent offers me that.

The client support is excellent. I’ve always had any concerns dealt with on the phone and via email very promptly and successfully.

What are your primary goals for your website?

I want my website to be informative. Buying and selling your home can be daunting. I like to make sure I can advise and support anyone who visits my site.

It’s important to me that my site is visually attractive. I love it when I get compliments about my website, which I’ve had many, from clients and even other Realtors®.

Finally, I also want my site to be easy to use. I have very little patience and, if I can’t get what I need from a website quickly, I’ll find an alternative site. I’m sure I’m not the only one like that.

melanie press

Do you get leads from your Point2 Agent site or syndicated listings?

Yes. Once I even got a lead from someone who had read the ‘About me’ page on my website. They called me up and explained that they were travelling from BC in their RV and had decided to move on a whim to PEI (Prince Edward Island) and needed a house in two weeks!

I assumed they were across the country and that I had a couple of days to search for homes, but, NO. They were crossing the Confederation Bridge and were minutes from entering PEI. I met them at their campground and had them in a home in 12 days!

They called me because they liked my profile, who I was and how I worked. Moral of this story: profile pages are very important. People want to know about you, who you are and how your experience, work ethic and skills can help them achieve their goals.

How often do you update website content? Do you do it yourself, have an assistant or hire outside services?

I do all of my own updates. I enjoy playing with the website to keep it up to date and visually interesting. I never forget there are a lot of agents out there, so my online presence has to be first class. I tweak things regularly and go through the website every day.

What is your favorite Point2 Agent feature? What feature would you like to see improved or added?

There are loads of features I like. My favorites are the lead management tools. Once someone logs onto my website to get property listing information or information sheets, I can contact them personally to thank them for visiting my site.

Sometimes, the web is quite impersonal, so them knowing that there’s someone at the end of that website thanking and acknowledging their interest in a particular home or product is important in the relationship building process. Regardless of how advanced technology becomes, building relationships is what this business is all about and that personal touch is very important.

How have you seen technology impact your business in recent years?

The technological needs and choices of clients vary. More mature clients appreciate a telephone call, younger clients text and message through Facebook. Social media is a huge resource for my business. I love to keep in touch through my social media accounts.

You can use your Point2 website to incorporate Facebook links and send information directly to social media sites. I link something from my website to my Facebook business page at least 4 times a week, whether it’s a new listing, blog post or news item. It drives traffic to my website and if people like and share my links, it drives even more.

Do you have any tips for real estate agents who are just starting out?

You have to be a great marketer. Be the best YOU you can be. If you can’t sell yourself and the value you offer, how can you give your clients any faith in who you are and how you’re going to look after them?

Invest in a great website like Point2. You have to have a strong web presence and Point2 offers many fantastic tools to help you do this. Get as tech savvy as you possibly can. Easier said than done, yes, but really try to work on it.  Finally, work hard, very hard.

Look after your clients, listen to their needs and provide exceptional service every time.

Thanks, Mel! We love your cheery, can-do attitude (and your charming British accent). As she mentioned above, Melanie maintains an active social media presence. Follow these links to connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Do you have a success story to share? Whether you want to be profiled on the blog or just have a nice word or two for the Point2 team, send an email to [email protected] We’d love to hear your story.

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