Best Tablet Apps for Real Estate Agents


Last year, we created a post entitled “9 Apps for Real Estate Agents On the Go.” It was very popular but, in hindsight, there was a grievous oversight… it was 100% focused on smartphone apps!

While we all love our smartphones, tablets are increasingly prevalent in the marketplace today. In many cases, especially for real estate agents, they’re easier and more convenient to use.

tablet apps for real estateWould you rather show a client pictures of your new listing on your phone or on your iPad? We thought so.

In light of this development, we think it’s high time for an app update. Here, without further ado, are 8 of the best tablet apps for real estate agents. Click the iOS or Android link to the right of the app name to start downloading!

1. Dropbox (iOS, Android)

If there’s one app we think everyone needs on every device, it’s Dropbox. Dropbox lets you store and share documents, photos, videos and more all for free. Simply upload your files to Dropbox to access them from any device. Even if your computer/phone/tablet gets damaged, everything saved in your Dropbox will be safe and sound! Get more space for free when you refer a friend.

2. DocuSign Ink (iOS, Android)

This app was on our list of smartphone apps, but we think you should have it on your tablet too. Make the signature process easier for on-the-go buyers and sellers by downloading DocuSign Ink – a secure app that allows you to sign documents and get signatures electronically, eliminating the need for complicated scheduling and stacks of papers. Sign and submit an offer from your local coffee shop? Yes, you can!

3. Qik Video (iOS, Android)

Qik Video is a Skype product. It’s an easy-to-use video app that allows you to record, share and even chat with other users globally – it’s a wonderful tool for working with international clients. The video recording function includes efficient editing tools so you can trim out any mistakes and keep only the best takes. You can also share your videos directly from Qik to Facebook, Twitter and more.

4. Keynote (iOS only)

If you’re looking to wow sellers with a killer presentation, grab your iPad and queue up Keynote. You can quickly and easily create a world-class display including photos, graphs, text and more. With iCloud built in, your presentations are kept up to date across all your devices.

5. LogMeIn (iOS, Android)

Remotely access the desktop of your home computer from your tablet using LogMeIn, an app also works with smartphones. Get to any folder or file you need in seconds – you can even make edits. Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it – you can even print documents from your remote computer to your local printer!

6. Mint (iOS, Android)

Mint is a tool that helps you keep track of your finances. With Mint, you can see all of your bank accounts, credit cards and bills in one very secure place. It’s a great way to get an overview of your expenses and stay organized – a real help for busy agents. Best of all, it’s free.

7. FlipBoard (iOS, Android)

FlipBoard is a news curation app that allows you to customize your feed to your interests – it’s like making your own perfect magazine where all the articles interest you. It also integrates the social media platforms you use – meaning you can can catch up on literally everything that interests you, all in one place.

8. ShowHome (iOS only)

We saved the best – and most biased – for last. Enhance the home showing experience and impress your clients with this app made especially for home tours. Load your listings, browse stunning high-resolution photos, access property data and record client feedback all in one streamlined app. You can even send your clients branded reports after the tour to help make the decision-making process easier. Learn more here.

Other apps you might want to have handy include social media tools, like the Twitter app to help you monitor your feed and respond to tweets. What tablet apps do you use in your real estate business?


  • Kate Paris says:

    I love using Evernote with buyers. I hand them my tablet during a showing and have them jot down their impressions of the property. I also encourage them to take pictures in Evernote. I follow-up with them by sending them their notes with pictures. They love this. It helps them remember what they liked or didn’t like about the properties they viewed. When buyers look at a lot of properties, they tend to blur together in their minds. This helps them with their selection process. Plus, they tend to refer me because I’ve been so helpful!

  • Kris says:

    Hands down, the best app by far for any Realtor is Notability! For iOS only…
    I have been using this app for over a year and I literally use it multiple times a day. I purchased it before it became popular for only 0.99$ but knowing what it does and how crucial it is for my business, I would easily pay $9.99 for it any day!
    This is more valuable & useful than Apple’s Pages & they charge $9.99 for it.

    You can modify any PDF file. This means, I do ALL my contracts on this app. I have Promise to Purchase forms, Brokerage Contracts, Amendment forms, Counter Offers, etc… You can also work offline, fill in what you need to then have everyone sign it right there. Then either connect to wifi or tether off your phone and email digital copies to all parties involved.
    You can also open the PDF document in any app or send to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, print, email, Twitter and so much more. You can add images too…I like putting my logo on my forms and/or create some other useful worksheets like Facsimile’s, notary checklists, etc…

    I even purchase this app and send it as a gift to my clients I’m working with that have an ipad or iPhone so that they can sign all the documents that I email them, with more ease! Makes my life less complicated so I don’t have to drive all across town for a signature.

    Get it and you’ll be kicking yourself for not finding it sooner!

  • Dan Stark says:

    Great ideas. Also check out “Business Messenger.” It adds text to your office phone number. It lets me text my clients from phone, tablet, and computer. And its free to download. App store and at

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