Get Organized, Be Productive, Make More Money [Webinar Recording]



We all want to be more organized, but for most of us that is just a pipe dream. After all, life and business are inherently messy.

That’s why we recently invited organizational expert Chris Crouch to join Terri Murphy for a webinar on how they can bring some semblance of order to their lives. He shared a few simple life hacks and rules to help you streamline your business, be more productive and ultimately make more money.

What were Chris’s secrets to organizational success?

1) The 96 Minute Rule – Most business people’s days ahere to the classic 80/20 rule. Meaning that 80% of your productivity comes from 20% of your effort. In an average working day that works out to just 96 minutes. If you can make a consistent effort to set aside just 96 minutes in your day where you can work completely undistracted, everything else is a bonus!

2) Task Prioritization – The key to being productive is to know what to tackle first and what to save for later. In Chris’s experience there are four dimensions to prioritizing tasks to know what to do first. Those are: Impact, Time, Difficulty and Cost.

3) Delegation – Often one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the one that is hardest to do… giving up control! Chris has found that, in order to be truly productive, you must master the art of delegation. What does this mean in practice? It means taking all the ‘small stuff’ and outsourcing it to an assistant – either someone local or a virtual assistant like those offered by or

4) The Five Habits of Productivity – Chris says that in order to manage your productivity every inbound piece of ‘information’ must go through a five-step system to get it done in the most efficient manner. Those questions are:
1. Can this information be instantly discarded?
2. Can this information be immediately delegated?
3. Can this information be acted upon immediately with no loss of productivity?
4. Can this information be acted upon quickly by referencing information already on hand?
5. Can this information by stored for follow up at a later date?

Downloadable Resources

Ready to start increasing your productivity right now? Chris was kind enough to provide us all with a series of downloadable checklists for some of your more common business practices. Download them below!

Buyer From Accepted Checklist

Listing Follow Up Checklist

Sold Follow Up Checklist

Webinar Recording

If you missed the webinar or just want to watch it again to get all of Chris’s great tips, we have embedded the recording below…


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